URGENT NEWS: Life Update

Hello my lovelies,

Just a quick post today to apologise for not coming on and posting as much as I said I would. I've had a lot going on in my life at the moment, some good, some not so good and some down right bad.

First bit of good news I finally have a job and it's one of my dream jobs. I'm a teaching assistant and so whilst I save money to start my own business, it is really really exciting that I have this position. Plus I get all the school holidays off so bonus.

Second not so good news, my spending ban went ok, but I did buy stuff as my dog had two ops during the spending ban so not too bad, but still I had hoped that I wouldn't spend a penny.

And finally on to the bad new, unfortunately I have had some upsetting family news. My dads cousin has passed away and within seven days my great aunt (on my dads side) also past. We knew my great aunt wouldn't last that long as the doctors said she wouldn't see Xmas, but she did and then it was down hill from there. Then we get news that another one of my dads cousins is ill. Don't know if it's terminal yet or not. Then whilst skimming through my Facebook news feed I see that an old school friend became a dad. Great news I hear you say, no not at 25 weeks. Thankfully though he spent four glorious weeks with her, before she was sadly taken away from him and his girlfriend in the early hours of Friday morning.

I will try and get on here more often, but as I am sure you will appreciate it is a tough time for me at the moment. I will keep you updated with the blog, I have a load of posts in my head that I want to do, so stay tuned!


Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

I am a huge lover of Maybelline mascaras. Yes they have had some misses but the majority of the releases are huge hits. I was super excited when they released the Big Eyes mascara and I am happy to report with after using it non stop for 3 months it is love. 

Little bit of eyelash background, they are straight and I mean straight, we are talking they cover my eyes they go down that much. However nothing a good eyelash curler and a good waterproof mascara can't sort out...kinda. Enter Maybelline Big Eyes mascara with two ends one for your top lashes and one for your bottom lashes, now feel free to correct me but I think that Maybelline are the first drugstore brand to do this. I know we have had double ended mascara before but not one intended for your bottom lashes right? 

First off we will talk about the brushes, the top one is a chunky brush, not too big, its regularly shaped, I was expecting it to resemble The Falsies brush but its more like The Colossal Brush. Overall its a good shape for providing length and loads of volume. The other end is a small tapered brush that makes its so perfect for the lower lashes, how many people can put up their hand up and say they have smudged their under eye area trying to apply mascara with a huge brush? (*raises hand) well with this brush your problems are fixed, if I had to compare it any mascara I would say its very close to the Clinique bottom lash mascara, but obviously a bit cheaper. Also the brush works well for getting right in the corner of your top lashes. 

I bought the waterproof version mainly because I need to make sure the curl lasts all day and I can happily say with this mascara it does. The overall finish isn't too dramatic of a look but the lashes look defined and have a good amount of volume. So if you are looking for a everyday mascara that keeps the lashes curled and gives them good amount of volume or if you even just struggle with applying mascara to you bottom lashes then give this one a whirl, you wont regret it.

 Mascara retails for €11.99 / £8.99 / $9.49
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