Arbonne 30 days and beyond health range

Hello my lovelies,

This is a two part post, the reason being will become evident further on in this post. 

Two months ago I attended the MK fashion show and was lucky enough to meet a lovely lady called Kimberley Thompson. She is an ambassador for Arbonne. Arbonne is a company that does a variety of products, ranging from cosmetics (cruelty free and Vegan), men's cosmetics, baby products and healthy eating products. 

The healthy eating products is what this post is all about. After talking at the fashion show and exchanging business cards we starting talking on Instagram. A few weeks later a lovely parcel came to me in the post. 

Looking through the products I was pleasantly surprised with every thing. I didn't expect to get so many samples. Here is a run down of the products.

So first of all is these four caffeine free teabags. Now, I'm not normally one who drinks caffeine free tea. In fact, the last time I had decaffeinated tea, I was literally sick from caffeine withdrawal. So I am hoping these ones won't make me react the same way I did last time. Also these are good to have before bed, that way your body is not getting hit with a dose of caffeine.

Next up is this immunity support supplement. I was looking forward to using this. However, due to my epilepsy medication I can't, as it has milk thistle in it and it will react with the medication. I was tempted, when I first found out about the milk thistle to just go for it and drink it. Then I thought, actually I don't want to risk having a seizure just to try something. 

These are fit sweets, they are chewable. I have tried one and I don't know if it was because they weren't sweet enough for my liking, but I just didn't like them personally. Every one is different so if you decide to get them, you might like them. So, don't let my review put you off trying them.

This is a meal replacement. I had to contact Kimberley to find out how I make it as the instructions had rubbed off. You put three scoops in with non dairy milk, so like almond, soya, coconut etc. The amount pictured is enough for a few days. I haven't tried it yet, due to various reason. The most recent is being in hospital. However, I have the next week off work and the summer holidays coming up so I can try it then.

These are energy fizz supplements. I haven't tried the blackcurrant ones yet, but I love blackcurrant so I'm looking forward to trying them.

Now protein shake vanilla. I've heard a lot about protein shakes and I'm excited that I have a sample in the pack. I have no idea how to use it, so I guess I'll need to read the instructions beforehand. 

Here we have a mind health fizz drink in I think cherry flavour and a digestion plus drink fizz stick. Again, I have no clue as to what they are for. But, they sound intriguing. If the digestion one is for what I think it is for, then I am looking forward to using that. Sorry if that's TMI. 

Now, two more energy fizz sticks. One is orange flavour, which I have tried and it taste lovely. It actually tastes like Fanta. That fizzy orange taste. The one underneath is pomegranate flavour. I'm just recently getting into pomegranates, I scatter them over salads. So, to have a pomegranate flavoured drink is something that is interesting and I look forward to drinking it.

This white box isn't anything to do with the healthy eating range. In fact it is to do with cosmetic range. 

Inside you get these three little goodies. They are face cleansers. I have tried all three and I can tell you now that my face has never felt so clean and vibrant. I still have some left, as I don't use them every day. I like to top and change my face routine depending on how bad my acne breakout is.

So now you know the products I have and I hope you understand the reason behind having to do two posts. Now I am not one to discuss my weight online as I don't really like talking about it. However, seen as this is a post about healthy eating, I have decided it need to. This range is said to help you lose weight, obviously you need to do exercise with it and not just rely on the products you get in the 30 day eating plan.

So, here it is. My weight that I am currently at is 14st 5lb. I admit that I don't exercise as much as I should and I do tend to eat stuff for the sake of eating, and when I do eat it is out of boredom or because someone else in the family is eating. 

 As you can see from the pictures to the left and right, I have a muffin top, back boobs, chunky arms and a fat belly. I admit that at times I feel ashamed that I have let myself get to this stage. I'm only 31, and I've let myself get fat. I could blame it on university, but that would be a lie as I graduated 8 years ago. Yes, I gained 3 stone at uni, but I have since lost a stone, and then gained three more.

I'm hoping that these samples as well as the 5 day free gym pass my boyfriend gave me will help me find the motivation to lose the weight and get down to my dream weight of 11 stone and drop from a size 18 to a size 12.

If you are interested in the Arbonne range then feel free to contact Kimberley. She is a wonderful person and is willing to discuss the products you are interested in, as well as talk about her journey with the range. Just contact her on the details below and start your Arbonne Journey today.



Fashion Show MK 2018

Hello lovelies,
Last Saturday, April 28th,  the fifth Fashion Show MK was held at Jurys Inn. I was lucky enough to attend as a VIP. The night was filled with so much fun and so many wonderful designers. Here are just a few:
WR Apparel @WR_Apparel. 
The design hub
These are but a few of the designers and pictures I took. Sadly, I was not able to get shots of designers towards the end of the evening as my phone died. As I was taking so many picture and live streaming on Instagram. 
The night was amazing, there were pop up stalls all around the room, with the catwalk in middle. Our lovely commentator wore the most beautiful dress, whilst she sung beautifully before the show started.              
The models were all beautiful and amazing. We had a special guest in the form of Danielle Mason reality star and model.             
It was a pleasure to share the evening with so many amazing new designers and so many other bloggers. I spoke to a wonderful business owner Kimberley Thompson. She has a small company Arbonne cosmetics. Which is vegan make up and it also has a nutrition and baby range. I am hopefully going to do a post about the company at a later date.
I was also lucky to get a goodie bag, which I haven't had a look through but I do know there is a small box of strawberries from Fruit Blooms @fruitbloomsmk
Also some cookies from Oh My Cakery. Two amazing companies. I look forward to eating those little goodies. The rest of the goodie bag had some booklets and business cards.  
The night was split up into sections so that the models had a chance to relax, and obviously change into different outfits without rushing. It also gave us, the audience, a chance to get more drinks and freshen up our make up if need be. The area where we waited for the doors to open was so beautiful, it had a big Love light sign. A flower curtain that we took pictures against, almost as though we were on a red carpet, and also a photo booth which looked like a mirror, but actually took pictures. Sadly, I didn’t use this wonderful device. I will remember to do it, should it be at the autumn winter show.
In the meantime, Gemmedia Events are holding a Bridal Fashion Show. So any future brides out there who are looking for inspiration, why not pop along and enjoy a wonderful, fun filled evening. Who knows you might even find the perfect wedding dress.
If you attended the evening please feel free to add me on instagram @rosiesvintagechic or twitter @RoseVintagechic. I would love to talk to you and meet up.
If not, and you want to see more pictures from the night, just pop over to my instagram or Gemmedia Events page https://www.instagram.com/fashionshowmk


Milton Keynes Fashion Show

Hello my lovelies,
Long time no see, sorry for that. Anywho, this coming April Gemmedia Events are holding a fashion show in Milton Keynes. I am working with Gemmedia and have put together a little giveaway. 
      The giveaway is 2 FREE, yes that is right FREE tickets to the show. VIP tickets cost £30 and General cost £15. So prices are pretty good. But, if you wish to win two free tickets then all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter form below.     Good luck. I will announce the winner over my social media accounts. a Rafflecopter giveaway


New Year!

Hello my lovelies,
Happy New Year. Yes, it is 2018. So a New Year can mean only one thing. Resolutions. Now, I always make them and with in a month or two they have been broken. Each year I say “I’m going to stick with them this year!” And I never do, now I may not be the only one who does this, but it is really hard - I find -to stick to them. Especially, if they are ones to do with cutting out food and what not. However, this year I will make new ones, and this year I will stick to them....(yeah right Rosie)! So without further ado here are my resolutions.
  Blog Where Rosie’s Vintage Chic is concerned I want to improve it massively. Up until a few months ago I fell into a bit of a stale patch with my blog. I didn’t know what to do with it. I wasn’t posting as much as I had hoped, so I got into the mindset of do I want to continue. This led to taking some timeout and I thought about what I wanted. As you can tell I decided to keep my little corner of the Blogosphere. After all, three years have been put into this baby, yes I know it hasn't been nonstop posting, but hey at least I do post. So this year with my ickle baby that is RVC, I actually plan to sit down and make a list of posts I want to do throughout the year. I will do a planned schedule list, I might even do a little series of linked posts on certain days. This year will be the year I actually start to take this hobby seriously, I have business cards for the blog so that’s one step.  I also plan to do vlogs, thats right I’m stepping into the realm that is Youtube. Now, when I started RVC I did do a Youtube channel, yet I didn’t use it. Well, actually I did, there is a video up that was posted two years ago. It was a video for my university project, so if you want to have a peak just head on over via the button on the righthand side panel.  
  Personal Right personal resolutions or goals as I prefer to call them. This year I actually plan on losing weight. Over the last year my weight has slowly started to creep up to a stage where I am no longer comfortable and its not really healthy for me. I have clothes in my wardrobe that don’t fit and I’m reluctant to go out and buy bigger sizes. So this year is my year to lose weight. I’ve set myself a target of losing 4stone by the end of the year. If I manage to lose more then fantastic, but four is my main goal. I want the old me back. The me that was bubbly and basically, not depressed. I also plan to travel more (somehow), even if it’s just places in the U.K. I’d love to go to London for a day or weekend and stroll round the museums and galleries. I really want to go to the Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library before it closes. So that maybe a February half term thing I do. For those that don’t know, I work in a school so can only do things during the school holidays. I do have a wanderlust list I’d love to tick off places from that. There are a number of geeky conventions I’d love to go to this year. One unfortunately, is in America so that will be a lot of money and to be honest I don’t know if it will be one I’m able to attend this year, I’ll keep you posted on that. One in particular I want to go to is about the tv show, The 100. If you haven’t seen it I highly suggest you do. My favourite character is going to be there and I’d love to meet him, but, anyway enough geeking out. I’m sure there are more goals I will probably think of once this is posted, so if I have to update it I will let you all know.  
Going off the subject of goals, I just wanted to say how amazed I am, at how much my audience has grown over the last few months. I’ve recently started joining blogging, instagram and other social media groups, on facebook and taking part in Twitter chats regularly. Doing these things and sharing my posts or even just links to my social media platforms has increased my following, not dramatically, I’m not in the thousands on any of them...yet. But, it is still nice to get notifications to say ‘you’ve got a new follower’ or ‘your tweet or post has been liked’. So, if you are someone who follows one of my social media groups then thank you. It really means a lot. When I first started RVC, I never once thought anyone would actually read what I post, so again thank you for reading my little rants and rambles.
Also want to say a huge thank you to Cherry Wallis, a lovely vlogger who I have subscribed to and follow on practically every platform she is on. Like me, she is a huge Harry Potter fan and we’ve spoken on Twitter and I even got a card from her at christmas and I sent her one as well. So, it is nice to be apart of that little community that goes beyond the universe that is the internet. As I type this I’ve just remembered another goal I want to achieve, and that is to go to more blog meet ups. I have seen so many nice photos and comments from the Milton Keynes Meet up that happened in December, and I was really bummed that I couldn’t go. I was also bummed that I couldn’t attend a fashion show, that I had won tickets to, due to being ill. But, this year is my year I can feel it.  



Hello my lovelies,
As most of you know I have Epilepsy. What you don’t know is how if affects me and my day to day life. Now my epilepsy is tonic clonic, or grand mal as it used to be known. I don’t have any specific trigger, it could be hormonal, lack of sleep, missed medication (which I don’t do now I have a pill box), not eating or drinking properly or too much alcohol (again which I don’t do).
On Halloween this year, I had a seizure. Now throughout the day I had been having episodes and my parents noticed when I got home from work as I would stop mid sentence and stare. So that night instead of a bath I opted for a shower, just incase. I had got out, dried and dressed (thankfully). I was then sat on my bed, then I am on my floor looking up at my parents, thinking why are they here! When I tried to move, I like getting up right after I’ve come round, my dad gently holds me in place. The reason being...I’d smashed my mirror. Now I’m not talking small, I’m talking bathroom sized mirror, and I was laying in the broken glass. How I managed not to get any in me I will never know.
As my mum picked up the glass, after they had managed to get me into bed, she told me that they nearly called for an ambulance as I was seizing for nearly 5 minutes. The longest seizure I normally have is a minute. This seizure had no triggers what so ever, it just happened. Also I had no warning, normally I get a sense of the room shaking or a fuzzy feeling in my head and my head goes cold. Not this time, this time it was like my brain went ‘oh hello I’m going to misfire information and cause you pain’. Because that is what happens, your brain sends information and that information decides to take the quick route, and in doing so you end up on the floor looking like you are trying to break dance and failing miserably at it.
Yes, I’ve learned to laugh at myself over the years, but it did take a while for me to do so. Being a teenager with epilepsy was tough. Due to medication I gained weight and my hair went frizzy. I looked like Hermione from the first two Harry Potter films, sort of. However, since I matured and accepted my condition I became ok with it. Yes, the seizures are horrible, and afterwards I feel tired, I ache, I taste blood where I’ve bitten either my tongue or the inside of my mouth, and I just basically feel like crap. Oh and lets not forget the bruises that appear a few days or in my case hours later. 
I remember one time I had a seizure and I ended up with a huge bruise on the back of my thigh. It was almost the size of a hand, dark purple and it hurt when I touched it. I get that quite often, sometimes I spot bruises and I’m like ‘how did you get there?’. Living with epilpesy is hard, but I’ve learned to deal with it. I have the love and support of my family, even if I do scare them when I have seizures and all they hear is a loud bang and no answer when they call me (I apologise for that by the way). I don’t see myself as a suffering with epilepsy as some people do. I see myself as living with epilepsy day in day out. It is a part of me, it’s who I am. Also, it does not define me. Yes, I have to make certain changes to my life, like giving up on the idea of one day I will drive, because I know I won’t. But, none of that matters anymore. Those things aren’t the be all and end all. Of course being able to drive and not rely on other people or public transport would be amazing, but this is my life and to be honest I would rather rely on others and public transport, then run the risk of killing myself or others in a car crash, because I had a seizure behind the wheel.
When I talk about my epilepsy to others, for instance the day after my seizure I told my work collegues about it, just so that they were aware and could make sure I was ok during the day. They spoke to me as if I had told them someone had just died. I hate it when people tip toe around me when I bring up my condition. Today, even though thousands of people live with epilepsy in the UK and around the world, it is still Taboo. Same with mental health. Also, I’ve noticed that many still don’t know a great deal about epilepsy, they still only think flashing lights brings on siezures. They don’t know about all the other triggers or types of epilepsy. In my role as a TA, I have had to talk to some students about it and inform them of some of the facts.
But, epilepsy is not just the aches and pains or the seizures. It is also the unseen affects, not just of the person with epilepsy, but also of the people in their lives. Their parents, their children and partners (if they have any), I know my parents still find it hard seeing me have a seizure. I mean, what parent wants to see their child going through something they are both powerless to stop!? I would hate to see that, and I know my parents hate it as well. I know they would do anything they could to take my epilepsy away. Epilepsy is also the medication, the trips to see your neurologist, the depression of having another seizure, the anxiety of when will my next seizure be and where, it is also the constant battle of trying to live as normal as possible. 
If there is one thing that people take away from reading this, I hope that it is to never judge a book by its cover. Just because you think you know what is going on or what it is like living with something then do not judge or pass comments until you know the full story. I have had people go oh epilepsy isn’t that bad. Really? Well try losing two weeks of your memory and never getting it back, or waking up in the middle of an exam with people staring at you, or waking up in your hotel room in another country not recognising any of it. It is scary if you come round from a seizure and no one or nothing is there that you recognise. It is scary losing your memory. I get mini heart attacks when I can’t remember the smallest thing like the date after a seizure. The one last month I was reeling off a list to my mum of what I ate and did that day. Not to prove to her that I could remember, but to prove to myself that I could. 
I know it has been a long post and I apologise for that, but I needed to get this off my chest and let others know what it is like living with epilepsy.
Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments.
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