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Hi, I'm Rosie I'm a university graduate and I live in Milton Keynes, England with my husband. I graduated uni with a BA hons in Media Production and I'm currently a Teacher in a secondary school after passing my PGCE Teacher Training in Primary almost 3 years ago. 

I am interested in all things vintage, shabby chic and retro. I love fashion (although I don't follow trends), music, theatre, and Paris. The city, not the person, lol!

When it comes to fashion I love hunting out a bargain. I hate spending money so if an item is more than £20 I have to think long and hard about it. This has been made really difficult since getting my own home which has needed tons of work on it.

Most of my clothes are from Select, New Look (Sale), Ebay or Primark. I love going to charity shops as well and finding loads of trinkets and jewellery. I get most of my jewellery from Claire's Accessories. They always have really cute necklaces which I just adore.

Thank you for browsing xoxo

About Rosie's Vintage Chic

Rosie's Vintage Chic came to life in September 2013, it was originally just going to be used as a sort of online scrapbook where I could show off all the craft work that I had been doing. As well as showing fashion and beauty inspirations. However, now that it has finally made it to the online world it has become so much more. It's now a place where I post about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and anything else that I love or am inspired by.

Rosie's Vintage Chic is a place where I can let my personality out and just show others what inspires me and what I love about life. So expect to see loads of random pictures, some of fashion, make-up, music, DIY, crafts and maybe a sneak peak into my life...if you're lucky.

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