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 Hello my lovelies,

Wow, it's been so long since I last posted. Since then we have had 2 lockdowns, so many amazing celebrities have passed away, the most recent ones were Angela Lansbury, Robbie Coltrane, Her Majesty the Queen and Leslie Jordan to name but a few. 

I've gone through many changes, I completed my teacher training, gone back to my first school to be a cover teacher, finally gotten married (there will be a post on that), stopped talking to my sister for various reason that I won't go into, got some of my house decorated, received some amazing news last October, which I will reveal in another post, just know there will be a series of posts or even another blog to focus on it and maybe a YouTube series as well, yes I am slowly going to venture into the realm of YouTube and I am also over on TikTok. 

I am a Beauty Advisor for Avon Cosmetics. So my life these pass few years have been hectic, hence why I haven't posted as much. 

That's just a small list of things that have happened that are good, well minus not talking to my sister which means not seeing my niece who is now four and I haven't seen her since her 1st birthday. Along with that bad juju I have loads of other bad juju as well, which again I won't get into as it's quite boring if I'm honest. I will say that I have recently lost my mum, it wasn't expected and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with and that's coming from someone who has a medical condition. I won't go into it in this post, but might do a post on it and how I'm managing the grief process.

On a brighter note it's 2 weeks until we break up for Easter and I can't wait, just hope that the dining room is ready by then and that the front room is tidy.

Until next time my lovelies, have a wonderful day.


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