My Bucket List For The Coming Year!

Ok I know we are half way through the year, but this bucket list will run until this time next year. I hope to complete at least half of this.

  1. Go to Paris.
  2. Whiten my teeth
  3. Dye my hair (done)
  4. Go for a MAC makeover
  5. Buy a complete outfit. (Done)
  6. Sit in the sun with a book (done)
  7. Read at least 10 books.
  8. Visit London
  9. Go to Wales
  10. Buy Nars Orgasm blush
  11. Save £1000 by Christmas
  12. Find a job
  13. Make a smoothie
  14. Bake a cake (done)
  15. Make dinner for someone else
  16. Lose 10lbs
  17. Sell clothes on eBay (done)
  18. Go for a wax
  19. Bake cupcakes (done)
  20. Sort out skincare and make up
  21. Visit the cinema
  22. Go for a walk
  23. Purchase a stuffed animal
  24. Hit 100 followers on Vintage Chic
  25. Make a food plan for a week
  26. Sort out wardrobe
  27. Sort out underwear drawer
  28. Complete a sudoku
  29. Go to the gym
  30. Walk to town
  31. Finish three perfumes 
  32. Finish a bottle of foundation (Done)
  33. Make a Caesar salad
  34. Try some cool nail art
  35. Wear false eyelashes (Done)
  36. Make a cocktail
  37. Buy something from Zara
  38. Loosen up
  39. Stress less
  40. Clean MacBook of old junk files
  41. Complete a 50 day spending ban
  42. Get up really early & have a productive day
  43. Smile at everyone for a whole day (done)
  44. Get a french manicure
  45. Tan
  46. Buy Cath Kidston goodies
  47. Blog regularly
  48. Blog more hauls
  49. Blog OOTD
  50. Blog FOTD
  51. Blog NOTD
  52. Create a bank of posts to blog with 
  53. Finish a tube of lip balm
  54. Blog some more lifestyle posts.
  55. Get better with fancy camera work
  56. Visit the Harry Potter Movie Set Tour
  57. Book a holiday
  58. Go on a road trip
  59. Get a new tattoo
  60. Visit a museum.
  61. Laugh
  62. Buy Muji storage
  63. Be happy
  64. Visit boots or superdrug and come out with nothing
  65. Play the lottery (done)
  66. Win on a scratch card
  67. Tell someone I love them (done)
  68. Mean it (done)
  69. Wear a face of make up properly not just slap dash (Done)
  70. Decorate room
  71. Buy new storage boxes
  72. Gain more confidence
  73. Get a better phone
  74. Keep in contact with old friends
  75. Say no when I don't want something or don't agree
  76. Learn to stand up for what I want
  77. Learn to stand my ground
  78. Grow some fruit or veg. (Done)
  79. Sort out room.
  80. Update blog more.

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