Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Lets talk concealer. I am totally in love with Soap & Glorys Kick Ass Concealer. I mean just look at the packaging so cute and it captures your eye which is what you want a product to do. Seriously who in their right mind would pick up a product that was dreary and boring? It's a brilliant product as well, I've looked and tried most concealers, but I have never managed to find one that actually stays put. That's where this product is different. 

 You see there are three steps to this product step on (pink side) this goes under your eyes and hides dark circles. I have terrible dark circles and this hide them pretty well, I wouldn't say completely but they were hidden. Onto step two (cream side) this is the blemish concealer and this is a life saver for me, I suffer from acne and really need a concealer that hides my acne, I don't care if you see bumps but redness I can't stand and this covers the redness so well. When I first put it on I was like omg they are gone, it wasn't until I got right up to the mirror that I noticed the bumps. So to say I was a happy bunny was an u understatement.

Finally step three, this is an ingenious idea. It's a setting powder that you put on over the concealer to set it before you move on to your foundation (if you put your concealer first that is) and this setting powder actually keeps the concealer in place. I do tend to put concealer on first then foundation the again with concealer. Yet with this I did not need the second round of concealer. My mum was actually shocked with how covered my acne was, she's even tempted to buy some. 

I bought this from Boots for £10 and it is worth every penny. I would defiantly say if you haven't got this product and want a concealer that actually conceals blemishes then go out and buy this. It is a great investment.


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