A Little Update!

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all doing ok. I must firstly apologise for my lack of posts, my life has been hectic at the moment. First I'm job hunting never really liked the job I was in so it was kind of a blessing when the contract ended, but now what with the current economic climate it's hard to find a job that I would really like. Secondly my great aunt has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has also been told she has a couple of months. So as you can understand blogging has been kind of side lined for a bit.

However, I am back now and finally have a notebook which I'm writing a list of posts to do, products I would love to try. Photo list of products I have recently purchased, and OOTD, FOTD, and various other stuff I need to do for the blog. I've also entered a couple of competitions, some I haven't won some I'm still waiting to hear about. 

I have just realised that this post will be the second or third post of the day, I am so making up for the missing posts...sort of lol.

I am doing a raffle for breakthrough breast cancer and every donation (click on the button above my picture on the side bar) will go to breakthrough and you will be entered into the raffle to win lovely prized. These include vouchers from Stardust Boutique (dresses recently seen on the girls for MTV the valleys) vouchers from Hello Gorgeous, free facial plus three friends from Tropical Skin Care and various other prizes. Remember girlies show your bangers some TLC (Touch Look Check).

Do you sponsor a charity? If so I would love to hear about your work? 

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