Eye Types and Eye Liner.

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, hope you are all well and keeping warm in this horrible cold weather Today I am going to be talking about the eyes, now people say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I feel that a persons eyes can be the main focus on a person. They are after all one of the first things someone sees, so I am going to focus on the different types of eyeliners, the colours you should be reaching for and how to apply them for your eye shape.

I love eyeliner. It helps to define an eye and in some case can - if put on right - can change the shape of an eye. Now if I don’t have eyeliner on I don't feel presentable, it doesn't even have to be much, just a little bit of colour to define my eyes. I love how it can change the way you feel & look instantly & how it can be taken from day to night without having to faff around for ages; just a simple line/flick & you can create a much more dramatic look.

Eye Shapes

We all have our favourite style of eyeliner (I myself am partial to a thin line with a bolder flick), but there are ways we should be lining our eyes to make the most of them. So here are some handy little pictures & words (well I think they are anyway)

If these are your eyes, then you can wear eyeliner how you bloody well wish as you have the perfect eye shape to pull anything off. 

For the best look draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eye on your top lashes to the ends. On your lower lashes line from the middle to the outer edge then smudge. 


For your eyes to appear further apart concentrate on drawing attention to the outer corners of your eyes. Use dark shades on the outer corners of the eye (going for a smudged look) & use a lighter eyeliner on the inner corners. 

The opposite to close-set eyes, you want to use a dark colour on the inner corners to make the eyes appear closer together, & fade the colour out towards the outer corners of your eyes. Avoid any style that will make your eyes appear longer in width (such as large flicks) as this will make your eyes appear further apart. 


As we all know there are plenty of different types of eyeliners, so here is a little run down of them. 

The makeup bag favorite, no matter if you love it or loathe it, we all have a couple floating around (my personal recommendation is the Urban Decay 24/7 ones.) These are generally what most people find easiest to use & are perfect to use when getting the hang of applying & wearing eyeliner if you are just starting out.

Ok so not technically eyeliner as such, but I love the different colours of eyeshadows so tend to use them to line my lower lashes. They don't tend to last as long as eye liner & cannot be used on your water line, as for a start it will just wear off straight away & it could also lead to sore eyes.

Liquid Liner
I love liquid liner, especially for a night out as it gives a more defined line & you can get quite creative. The only down side is that it’s a little trickier to apply so you do need to practice, for me the felt tip style ones are easier than the bottled liners, but it is all down to personal preference. A little tip here is to mark 3 dots (inner corner, centre & outer corner) on the lash line, then using short brush strokes join them up working from inner to outer eye. I love Revlon Colourstay; as it does not budge or transfer onto my eyelids.

I haven’t used too many Gel eyeliners so I doubt I could give you a perfect recommendation here, although I do quite like the E.L.F one in Gunmetal. So these come in little pots & you apply these using a brush (usually an angled brush). Again, like liquid liners they can be a bit tricky at first so you do need to practice. Also these can smudge quite easy, which isn't great if you want a sleek look, but perfect for a smudged smoky eye look.


Usually the season determines what colours I go for, normally I like silver or grey all over then black on the outside for like a evening smokey eye look. However, during the day in the summer I like pinks or peach colours with a nice thin line of eye liner think 1950s still aka Mad Men make up. In the winter it will be more deeper colours like purple or dusky pink again with eyeliner. There are certain colours which will really make your eyes stand out though & make em’ look extra pweety. So here is a little guide to the colours you should be wearing for your eye colour:

You can wear all colours (like me) you lucky begger you.

Purple, Bronze, Brown & Gold

Purple, Brown & Charcoal

Charcoal, Brown & Navy

As a little tip a white or nude colour on the inner lower line will make your eyes look bigger. Who doesn't want lovely big doll eyes ey.

I hope you enjoyed the post & found some of it useful. At the end of the day makeup is all about what makes you feel good, so if any of the above isn't what makes you feel good, then ignore me :) Makeup is about you & what makes you look & feel a million quid.

Do you have a preferred colour or style if so what is it?

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