Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, 

I have finally managed to get my hands on one of these lovely little sponges. Now most of you will probably have already heard of them, some may have already got one. For me it took months of finding and finally during a little Christmas (yes I said the C word) shopping in Boots with my lovely mama I finally picked one up. I have only used it once and I did the cardinal sin. I used it dry *gasp* now the reason I did this was to see how my foundation went on and I must say the sponge soaked up most of the foundation so I ended up using the Real Technique Stippling brush instead.

It's a lovely little sponge, from pictures I have seen I thought it was going to be a bigger sponge, but it sits comfortably in my small hand lol. I will try it damp, not wet wet (wet), but damp. I have tried a cosmopolitan sponge but didn't like the finish it gave me. I used it damp and it still soaked up the foundation so I am hoping this sponge is different.

 As you can see from the pictures it has different surfaces and the flat surface is the one I used to do the main areas of my face and the ends I used to get into the corners of my nose and under my eyes. Areas that I can't get to properly with a brush and I don't like using my fingers to put my foundation or concealer on as I find it unhygienic even if they have been washed I still don't like it.

Overall I think this is a good little addition to my ever growing make up box and brush collection. Can not wait to use it how you are suppose to lol.

Have you got a miracle sponge? What are you opinions on it?

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