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Hello my lovely dolls,

This post is just a random one letting you know what apps I use. Both my iPad and iPhone are packed with apps mostly games and blogging/social networking games. I admit I still have that flappy bird game on my phone it's so addictive.

Right onto the apps I use mainly the blogging/ social media ones.

 Evernote, I use this mainly for blog post ideas and I'm also using it to write a novel, I use this for the novel as I can work on it on the go without have to lug around my laptop. Plus I email myself the recent work I've done. 


Ok so I haven't really used this much since I got it over two years ago, but I'm planning on linking my blog to it so I use it more. But it's a really good app that stores your pictures and allows others to follow you, almost like photo bucket and twitter rolled into one.

 So not technically blogging but still social networking as it allows me to keep I touch with people without using up my credit or rather adding unneccesary money onto my phone bill. It's just like texting only unfortunately you have to have some sort of internet 3G/4G connection.

 Pinterest, now I know we all love it. My mum and sister are even on here. I have boards for inspiration, health and well being, hair, make up, organisation, baking. Yes I admit I am also one of those that has a board on wedding ideas. No I'm not getting married nor do I have a boyfriend, I just like pinning stuff I like. 

Need I say anything on this other than it allows me to follow and read all my favourite blogs in one and on the go.

Bit like Pinterest but I feel it has a more teenage feel to it. Pinterest it almost like the adult version more mature version of thus. However, saying that I still like the site. It's a good place for finding pictures.

 Twitter a way to officially stalk, I mean follow your fave celebs. In fact I got a follow on my personal account from an actor called Garrett Wang. For those of you that don't know he played a character called Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager. Over the weekend I had the lovely opportunity to meet him and others. I will leave that for another post however.

 A place where you can keep in contact with old friends and family. My parents aunts, uncles, paternal grandmother and cousins are all on this. So it's nice to keep them all updated on my life all at once, rather than contacting them individually. Plus I have a blog account where I post blog updates.

 Almost like a professional Facebook, you can upload your CV and follow companies, groups and apply for jobs. I am following the alumni group of my university as well as being connected to university tutors and old with colleagues.

 Finally YouTube. Now I follow all make up artists, blog channels and cake making tutorials. I do have my own channel, but I have yet to have the guts to actually film anything and post it. I know there is a video of my somewhere thanks to a uni mate of me doing something and fluffing up my lines. She found it funny to change the voice and so I sound like a chipmunk.

I do use hoot suite and four square and google plus. However, I've had to delete them for a bit as there is not enough room on my phone or iPad, until I actually delete some games and pictures that I don't need anymore. 

I would love to hear what apps you use. Are there any apps that are better for blogging than. These ones? 

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