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Hello my lovelies,

Yes another life plan and this one is so much better than the last. I'm still working as a teaching assistant and yes I still love it, but it's not what I want to do for the future. Every time I think of my future I always come back to acting. What will I think of on my death bed when I look back on my life? The what if and could have beens? Or the things I actually did? Probably a bit of both to be honest, but I know if I don't grab this dream by the horns and make it reality then I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I auditioned for LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) five years ago and didn't get a place, so I thought wait a year and try again, well that year turned into five almost six and in that six years I've been saving money and researching unis and colleges and acting classes. I've found out that you don't really need a degree in acting or drama. As long as you have had training, maybe weekend, evening or summer schools then that's all that matters. Plus you have to keep on training to improve your skills. So I'm planning on doing acting classes, that way I can keep working during the day in order to actually pay for the classes and travel to classes and auditions.

Plus I don't think I could go back to uni for three years, especially seen as they are 9k a year now (damn the government). Anyways, I enquired about a few courses and one was even a singing class in my home town, they said they will put me on the waiting list for classes starting in September. Just have to look at the better acting classes. I have found a course (evening) that is three terms and costs £2250 a term so £6,750, which basically is roughly what it used to be for three years of uni, actually it's cheaper. So I may enquire about that course. Most courses are in London or Birmingham in the evening. I'm going to look at Birmingham as I don't particularly want to be wondering the streets of London on my own at night. Whereas Birmingham I can just call my sister (I know cheeky, but that's only if I need help getting to the train station when taxis are being pains in the backside).

So yes I have nearly everything figured out, it also helps that a work colleague of mine has followed his dreams of acting and now has an agent and is working at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland and will be touring with a stage company soon as well. Plus my sister has had part of her dream come true, she had one of her short stories published in an anthology. The story is called 'The Baroness and the Servant Girl'. So if you're persistent, dedicated, hard working and stubborn, then things can pay off.

Let me know if you've followed your dreams and how they turned out. 

Edit: I've actually been researching a few courses in London and I've fallen in love with about 10, so I need to whittle them down before I start applying for them. I've also started to keep a track on my finances (thank you windows excel for making an app for the iPad, my life has been made so much easier). I've also been looking into post grad funding and was in which I can raise money without getting a personal development loan from the bank - don't want to go into anymore debt - and to be honest I'm quite enjoying all the research into courses and funding. I know I said I didn't want to go to London, but if I'm doing a post grad then - in the words of my mother - I need to go where the courses are and what better place then the home of the West End and BBC, ITV etc etc. with all this research and determination to do dance and singing lessons in the next year I think I'm finally confident enough to actually go for the acting courses. That's the only thing that held me back was my confidence (didn't help that I had stuck up girls at school telling me I wasn't good enough) but that's in the past I've grown up ( or at least I think I have lol) and I'm determined to do what I want, I've tried so hard to put acting out of my mind, but I just can't so I'm seeing that as a sign of I have to do it, I was meant to do it. I mean even if it's just bit parts in shows at least I'm acting and I have something to show for all the training and what not. So yeah, this time next year I could be say "yes I'm back of to uni again", but in the meantime I will keep you all posted on my progress I.e. Auditions, applications etc.

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