Blogmas Day 10 - Holiday Hair

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 10 

Okay, so I’ve decided to post a few really cute hairstyles I’ve seen on Pinterest and am just dying to try out. If you’re like me and have no parties to go to except a work do, why not try them out anyways? Wear them to school, work, or just lounging around the house. You don’t need a special occasion to feel special. I wanted to have a variety of styles depending on what kind of hair you have and how much time you have. I’m pretty sure this introduction has bored half of you to death, so let’s just get into it!
This first one is what you make of it. It can be messy or classy. Time consuming or quick. Personally, I usually wear this messily, as that’s the easiest style whilst still looking like I spent a little bit of time on it. However, I can never turn down an elegant look.
This second one requires a bit more time. It’s an updo made from a french braid. Just start the braid out on the side of your head, working your way down until you have used all of your hair (pull out some pieces if you want it to be really loose). Then pin it up in a bun type shape. Spritz it with some hairspray for it to stay in place all night!
This is probably the simplest of all. A vintage styled half up half down. Part your hair to one side and twist the parted side back towards your head. Pull a piece from the other side a loosely twist it in a backwards motion towards your head again. Curl the ends of your hair. For a more rustic look, tease the ends in an upward motion. Spray with hairspray and you’ve got an incredible vintage styled holiday look!
For more options, check out this website. They have so many styles for all types of hair with full


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