Blogmas Day 15 - Tree Reveal.

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to day 15 of Blogmas, yes I am up to date on it. I honestly thought I'd be posting xmas day on Boxing Day...actually I still might be. Anyways today is the big reveal of my Christmas tree. Now since I was a baby my parents have always had the same tree, but different decs to put on it, different lights. I remember we used to have multi coloured lights, then the White lights came in and then the flashing ones. We had tinsel, baubles, Angels, icicles, candy canes, strips of what looked like tinsel that my sister and I just chucked on the tree (can't remember what it's called). Each year we would have either the Angel or a star, mostly the Angel (can still remember the Angel, was small and tatty, but was well loved) my great grandmother gave us a new angel and since then it's sat at the top of our tree.

Now this year my mother decided she was fed up of sitting and untangling lights every year (FYI I did the untangling as she got stressed). So she bought a new one a pre lit tree. It's thinner than our old tree and taller. Thinner means less decs in my book, this year I was given the job of decorating it without supervision. Yay I thought, then when I realised that the tinsel would not fit on its own let alone with decs, I wanted to pass it over to someone else. However, I decided to stick with it and decorated the tree, we have a red and gold theme every year now. So I was hunting through the baubles and finding the right ones to put on. I think in total it took me about half an hour to decorate as I am a perfectionist. I had to have it so that no design or colour were the same next to each other. Then I put the candy canes on and crackers then finally the Angel.

So without further ado or anymore nattering from me here is.



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