Happy New Year

Hello my lovelies,

A bit of a belated new year post. The reason for this is I've been really busy getting back into the swing of work and various other reasons.

Yes I have done New Years resolutions, one of which I have already started and that is diet. I joined slimming world three weeks ago I believe and I've nearly lost a stone, so each Wednesday I will do weight lost post, kinda like weight loss Wednesday if you will. Also I've made the new year resolution of not being so up tight and serious with things and to let the last stay in the past.

You see I'm the type of person to hold grudges and to look back on things that happened 10 or more years ago and still feel annoyed about them. So this year I'm hoping not to do that, I'm also hoping to work on my bucket list (more on that in another post to come). 

So here we go a new year, a more productive blog (fingers crossed) and I promise a YouTube channel that has more videos on it. 

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