Fears of Blogging

Hello my lovelies,

Now the title can be misleading, yes I have fears when blogging like 'will people read the posts', 'will people comment on it?' Stuff like that, but the main subject of this post is fear of what friends and family would say. You see when I first started Rosie's Vintage Chic, I kept it from everyone. It was my "baby", my hobby and I thought if I told those I knew about it then they might try telling me what I can and can not blog about. This stems from a university project where I made a blog to go with my documentary and my tutor kept on telling me what to include in it. I know she did it for my benefit to help me get the grade she knew I was capable of getting, but it was still annoying. So for a year I kept it to myself and then one day when I was out with my parents, my sister and brother in law. I mentioned it to my sister and to my surprise she was interested in it, told me to carry on with it if I love doing it and not to worry what others say about it. I can't remember when I mentioned it to my mum, but she was pretty fine about it as well. 

They both follow me in one form or another, I know my mum follows on bloglovin or rather she gets emails when I put a new post up, as well as my Facebook. My sister is following me on Twitter and the actual blog (only have 3 followers, but it's cool), she also follows on my Facebook group. Plus I have other family members following my Facebook group, which has shown me that I shouldn't have been scared to tell people when I first done the blog.

I think another reason I was scared is, I was embarrassed about it. Some of the posts are personal like the Epilepsy post and post about sisters, and for me to put myself out there like that I was embarrassed that family might have thought 'ah soppy cow'. However, my sister said she was really touched with the sisters post and was nearly in tears. I was also embarrassed because I don't excatly ooze self confidence. I hate the way I look most days, I'm over weight (but I'm doing something about that) and I have days where my acne is on full blown red alert. Yet, I still put pictures on Instagram of me. This blog has in some way turned into therapy, it's help me to accept who I am and the way I look. 

I know my mum and sister will read this and have a few things to say, but so would I if my daughter or sister revealed this to me. It's only natural that people have curiosity, the same way that it's only natural that people have fear of things. 

Did you have fears or worries about your blog? Let me know in the comments.

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