Blogmas Day 17/18

Hello lovelies,
Yes today is another double post (sorry been busy). It's getting closer to the end of term and to be honest I'm really feeling it. I don't think I've ever been this shattered in my entire life. Yet, I wouldn't change my job for anything else. Today I'm talking about xmas craft. Now there is so many ideas on Pinterest I get distracted so much when I'm just browsing. I do have a craft and Christmas boards and I decided to show you some crafts I want to try next year if I can.
I like this one cus it reminds me of some decs I had last year in the hall.
See these are all so simple yet effective and I want to try them next year if I get the time, which I should do really, I don't really do much lol. I've done homemade cards which I will show you after xmas day as I know family view this blog and I don't want them seeing their cards before I give them to them.
Anyone have any good recommendations for crafts? Comment below please.

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