Blogmas Day 7 - Blogmas List


Hello my lovelies,

With December here I know quite a few bloggers out there will be doing Blogmas – posting daily right up until Christmas Day! Now for a lot of bloggers that’ll be a big jump, I especially can vouch for that. Posting 25 days is a big challenge, and it’s not even just writing the posts which takes the time, it’s coming up with them as well. So to help everyone on their way, I’ve created a list of 50 (yes FIFTY!) Blogmas post ideas to help you decide what you’ll be writing about this Blogmas!

  1. Favourite Christmas recipes
  2. Gift Guides for Him/Her
  3. Your Christmas traditions
  4. Christmas cocktails
  5. Christmas DIY ideas
  6. Favourite Christmas films
  7. Making a gingerbread house
  8. Christmas day outfits
  9. Why do you love Christmas?
  10. Ultimate Christmas party playlist
  11. Surviving the Boxing Day sales
  12. Write a letter to Santa!
  13. Your favourite Christmas jumpers this year
  14. Your favourite worst Christmas jumpers (the cheesier, the better!)
  15. Looking back on your year
  16. Doing Christmas on a budget
  17. Christmas DIY for kids
  18. How to deal with the Holiday stress
  19. Your favourite Christmas memory
  20. Favourite Christmas songs
  21. The best Christmas present you ever received
  22. The worst Christmas present you ever received
  23. Do a Christmas giveaway!
  24. Blogmas post ideas!
  25. Christmas baking
  26. Your favourite Christmas adverts
  27. A look at your Christmas Day
  28. Your Christmas wishlist
  29. Some last-minute gift ideas
  30. Do a Blogmas photo diary
  31. The best Christmas TV specials
  32. Christmas Do outfit post
  33. DIY Christmas cards
  34. A seasonal holiday bucket list!
  35. What you got for Christmas
  36. Your Boxing Day
  37. Healthy Christmas food or snacks
  38. A look at your Christmas decorations
  39. DIY Christmas calendars
  40. Christmas events in your city
  41. Your least favourite thing about Christmas
  42. A collection of your favourite Blogmas posts
  43. Secret Santa gift ideas
  44. DIY Christmas tags
  45. Are you on the naughty list this year?
  46. Christmas makeup (I might not do this one…)
  47. A list of your favourite Christmas calendars
  48. Winter clothing guide
  49. Christmas interior inspiration
  50. Go to your local Christmas Market!

So there we have it guys, I hope this list helped and I wish you the best of luck with sticking out Blogmas!

Are you taking part in Blogmas this year? Do you have any other Blogmas post ideas which you want to share? Let me know in the comments!


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