A-Z of Little Old Me

I've seen quite a few of these tags and I thought this post would be a nice way to get to know me... However, I have altered the original questions slightly, as some of them don't really apply.
Age?   26

Bed Size?   Single but I want a double.

Chore You Hate?   Lol strange but I like chores lol 

Dream Room?    Purple walls,  a large shabby chic dressing table, a massive shabby chic wardrobe and lots of little candles/flowers/decorations.

Education?  No longer it, but I have a uni degree in media production 

Favourite Colour?   Purple

Great Acheivment?   My blog!! And finishing uni with a pass.

Height?   5,5

Instruments I Play?    None as of now, but I did play trumpet in middle school

Job Title?    I don't have a job at the moment, but I did have one as an administrator.

Kids?    No but I do want some one day

Live?   In land lol.

Motivations?   I'm not sure...

Nicknames?    Boo, Rollie, big bum.

Overnight Hospital Stays?    None *touch wood*

Pet Peeves?   Loud eaters, know-it-alls, people that talk through films, nosy people

Quote: Everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, it's not the end.

Right or Left Handed? Right!

Shops I Love? New Look, Topshop, Primark, select, charity shops. 

Time I Wake Up?   6.30 when I was working now it's about 9

Ultimate Food?   Pasta, curries and stir fries

Vacations?    Valencia, Paris and Devon lol

What Makes You Run Late?    Time wasters like the bus lol

X-Rays I've Had?   Teeth - for my braces. Leg - when I had a massive hole in my leg down to the bone when I was in year 4 lol.

Yummy Food I Make?   Cakes and jam tarts.

Zoo Animals?   Lions and Tigers


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