Retail Therapy

Today I went and did a bit of retail therapy, god knows how much I spent lol. I did get some really nice vitamin c face stuff from The Body Shop for £25 but its worth £40 plus I got 10% off as I got a Body Shop loyalty card. I also got some new foundation called FitMe apparently it fits to your skin type depending on what type on underlining skin tone you have. I got some hair masks as well.

Now this is just a quick run down of things I got today all of them will have their own reviews once I have tried the product. Plus it will have all the little details you need like where to buy how much etc etc. Which means for you guys it is now a waiting game until I've tried all the products a wrote the reviews.

I even told the lady in The Body Shop about this blog and she says she looks forward to reading the review so I hope you guys do as well.

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