30 ways to save £1

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Moneysupermarket are holding a little incentive to get bloggers thinking how they could save the pounds, that is how '30 ways to save £1' was born. I was quite excited to write up this post as recently I have become quite money savvy and managed to refrain from spending much at all! Here are my top tips for you..

1. Read magazines online! Admittedly not as good as flicking through the glossy pages, but the content is all there.

2. If you get a '5p per litre' off petrol, take advantage! It may not seem like much but if you're filling your tank it will take off a couple of pounds.

3. Always look for cheaper alternatives when buying food - sometimes those tesco value cookies are a better option to maryland and under half the price!

4. Review & post about things you already own, that way your blog is always full of content & you don't need to spend lots!

5. Withdraw some cash for a night out, that way you can't overspend on your card.
6. When you finish your latest book, go to the library and see whats on offer rather than spending a few pounds. Lets be honest, are you really going to read it more than once?
7. If you go shopping, park in a nearby road. That way you don't need to pay the fees for a multi-story.
8. Instead of using half the bottle of bubble bath so you're covered in bubbles, only use a little amount because it will go a lot further than you think. That way your favourite bubble bath will last a lot longer.
9. Instead of getting a takeaway with friends, all chip in and buy the equivelant in supermarkets food. Eg, indian ready meals in boxes 'for two' that are about £8 makes it cheaper than one portion if you ordered from your local!
10. Download a youtube converter for music rather than buying from iTunes
. Its not illegal and gives you the best music!
11. Sell old clothes on eBay, always a winner.
12. Shorten your shower or put less water in your bath, it will lower the water bill by a lot!
13. If you use MAC products, save any empties you have and trade them in for the lipstick you've been lusting after - easy way to save £14.
14. Only charge your laptop/phone when they are seriously low - its wasting the electricity and killing the battery if its constantly charging up.
15. When you're at college/uni/work make sure you take a packed lunch, don't buy food when you're out as it will cost you much more than a healthier lunch made at home.
16. Instead of buying furniture from the expensive shops, browse gumtree and eBay
 first because chances are, someones selling just what you need for incredibly cheap!
17. Cancel your gym membership and go for a run with friends.
18. Use your clubcard/advantage card/nectar card every time you shop at the right stores - those points all add up!
19. Save all of your coppers in a jar, they all add up!
20. Have a clothes swap party with your friends - fun & you can all find some gems from each others wardrobes.
21. Enter lots of giveaways - there are some really good ones floating around which have amazing prizes!
22. If you're a student, always ask about discounts because most shops offer at least 10%
23. Fill a flask with tea or coffee before going to college/uni/work, then you won't need to stop at Starbucks on route for your morning pick me up.
24. Always check out offers, sometimes 2 for £5 doesn't always make it that much cheaper if the product is already £3.50..
25. Get crafty. If you want some new clothes or home accessories see what can be done for a fraction of the price if you DIY it.
26. Switch off lights if you're not in the room.
27. When you get paid, work out your budget and any excess put into a savings account - then you'll feel bad for withdrawing it and spending.
28. If you are going a short distance, walk instead of driving! Saves petrol and increases fitness making you feel a lot better about yourself.
29. Have a car boot sale to get rid of old things you don't need, it may only make you 50p an item but its good fun and a garunteed money maker.
30. Dye your own hair rather than go to a salon. Same with your fringe/bangs cut them yourself. There are loads of tutorials on youtube showing you what to do.


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