Believe in Yourself

I was thinking about doing a post on self confidence and believing in yourself. The reason for this was I had read an article that said half of all women are unhappy with the way they look. So today I am having one of those days where my hair and make up aren't going the way I want them to go so I have decided to go make up free and pull my hair into a pony tail and sit in all day.

So with so much time to myself (after some light house cleaning), I sat down with a cup of tea and found some of my magazines and started to flick through for ideas for the blog. Now women's magazines are suppose (and I say that lightly), they are suppose to be empowering to us, but no so many girls and adult women have sat and looked at the picture of skinny models with flawless skin. As we look at them we don't stop and think to ourselves well that's airbrushed, which we all know most photographs in magazines today are airbrushed. I mean come on no one can have such flawless skin or have no cellulite what so ever, it's nigh on impossible.

Even celebrities can't make themselves look flawless on their own, they have make up artists, hairdressers and stylists to help them look fantastic for public appearances. Sure if I had all those I would look amazing every day, but I don't and there for I make fashion mistakes and make-up mistakes and nearly every day I have bad hair days. Yet, I learn from them yes I compare myself to other female, every time I look at another blog I think 'Well my make up never looks like that' or 'How comes my foundation doesn't give me the same coverage it's the same blooming foundation'. In doing all this I slowly start chipping away at myself confidence and I slowly think we I'm no good.

Then a light bulb went off, I don't have to look perfect in fact I will never look perfect I will always look like me and that's all I should ever look like. I don't want to look like some copy cat of my fave celeb. That will not be me being true to myself, so I am slowly starting to accept that I can never change who I am and I'm starting to love myself both on the inside and out. We are all different, all unique and that's how it should be. Someone once told me 'you're beautiful the way you are, you're perfect no matter how you look or what you are wearing'. It was those words from someone else I had been longing to hear for so long and I finally started to build my confidence back up to where I am today.

So I say to all women out there who have trouble accepting themselve, be who you are not someone else. Learn to love the skin you were born with, yes you may have 'wobbly bits' I do, but I have embraced them (genetics I think) and I have stretch marks, cellulite, I suffer from adult acne, I have scars, I have fat days, but I am me and no one else so why should I try to be?! Love who you are and others will find you attractive not only for you're beauty where make-up is concerned, but you're true beauty, you're confidence and you're personality.


Here are some tips I was given that have helped me, they might help you too.
1. Smile even if you feel horrible just smiling will make you approachable to others.
2. Find a skin care regime that suits you. When your skins looks radiant you feel happier.
3. Never ever ever give up. The only time you fail in life is when you give up trying to reach your dreams and goals.
4. Don't let others put you down. Stand tall and walk away, yes take on any helpful criticism. 
5. Look at yourself in the mirror and said to yourself, 'I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am me and I am perfect the way I am.

Hope you like this post! x


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