New do!

Hi my beautiful lovely dolls,

 Back in May I had my hair cut and coloured, I went from a dark brown to a reddish purple. Well purpleish red lol. I also had a thick fringe cut in as my fringe tends to split down the middle, so my hairdresser Rachel said having a thicker fringe will stop that from happening, also I would need to train it to stay in place. She also said by having it purple/red when the colour fades it will fade to red rather than having a red which will fade to orange.

Now I originally had this colour back in February and it was fantastic but when I had it done again this time (my hair grows quick and colour fades fast in my hair). Something seemed different even my mum said after a few washes it was looking more orange than red. So just over a month later, and looking more like a weird tiger, I decided to dye my hair yet again. With all this dying of hair I'm going to need some sort of rescue remedy. So instead of red or purple I have decided to go back to the only colour that suits me and that is *drum roll and trumpet* dark brown, well the colour is actually iced coffee, but it's basically dark brown. Now being my "natural" colour my skin doesn't look pale and my make up strangely doesn't look orange, who knew lol.

So once I have uploaded the pictures to my laptop I will post them. They will be before and after and after lol.

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