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Good evening my beautiful lovely dolls,

I just wanted to let you all know about another blogger network called Daxon. Daxon are looking to reward the US and UK’s finest fashion bloggers by offering the chance to become part of their exclusive blogger network.

So who are they? Well here it is in their own words "We have launched the Daxon VIP Blogger Network in order to communicate with online fashion bloggers and to keep them up to date with our latest seasons’ products and ranges.
Our aim is to share our brand and culture of expert design with a community of likeminded bloggers and to feature and support some of the dedicated bloggers currently writing about fashion and the world of online shopping!" For more info check out their site here
Daxon are a classic catalogue, much like the Next ones thicker than most phone books your mum used to order as a kid...come on, you know exactly what I mean! While most catalogues are focused on the older generations Daxon have a healthy mix for all ages. After browsing their site I have a list of stuff I want to buy. In particular this bag, when I saw this I thought it is perfect for work as it holds everything including my iPad and laptop together lol.

Check out their site www.daxon.co.uk


Epilepsy Curse, Disorder or Disease??

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls,

Today I'm going to step away from fashion and make up for the moment and talk about lifestyle, particularly my lifestyle. You see I have epilepsy and it fascinates me how ignorant and misinformed some people are about the condition.

I have lived with epilepsy since I was 13, yes at first I was upset I even cried to my dad that I didn't want to have epilepsy. Why? I hear you ask. Well for starters I didn't want to be considered different from my friends, I didn't want them treating me differently, I didn't want to have the seizures, I also felt that I wouldn't be able to go to concerts and when I was old enough to clubs and I also wanted to drive. Something I wouldn't be able to do until the seizures were under control.

However, as the years went on I was told that I would be able to go clubbing with friends and to concerts as my type of epilepsy wasn't affected by flashing lights, something I thought was the only thing to affect epilepsy. I wasn't treated differently by my friends in fact some even took the time to research the condition and see what it was they were supposed to do if they ever saw me have a seizure. This came into practice during a maths lesson when I suddenly fell out of my seat and started making noises. All the "popular" girls screamed and started crying, yet one of my friends was able to tell the teacher what was happening and they called the first aider and when I came round I thought I had fallen asleep which I was so panicky about lol.

Anyways, I grew out of it or I thought I did, during an AS exam I ended up having another seizure after been seizure free for two years, which meant my dreams of learning to drive were quashed again. I was also put back on my Anti Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) and was told my epilepsy was probably hormonal related as well as affected by lack of sleep, lack of food and lack of non alcoholic fluid. Yet they still can't be sure. I have most recently had one outside of work falling on the public footpath and cutting my head. Thankfully a nice Samaritan stayed with me until I came round. First thing I did was check to see if I still had my phone and purse. I know terrible to think that someone would mug me whilst going through that. Thankfully I still had them on me, my dad came to pick me up and the second I got home my mum phoned for an ambulance. I am happy to say I wasn't that badly injured, just a grazed knee and bump to the end I also ended up with a black eye the next day lol.

So going back to the post title epilepsy has been thought of many ways, in the victorian times I would have been considered to be possessed or a witch so many were hanged, in the 1920s I would have been sent to a mental institution and would have had shock therapy. Some would have even said I was cursed and that God hated me and that was the reason I was like I am. Then when research developed a bit more they saw it as a disorder something which I first called it, but then I thought of it as a condition and nothing more. I am living with a condition end of, yet most recently I read an article saying Epilepsy is a disease, why? Well for many reasons, some being it is progressive, it can cause death, it affects pregnancy (something I am looking into more as I'm at an age where I think of having my own family), also there is no cure for it and therefore is considered a none contagious neurological disease. Yet I still believe in my heart that it is not a disease and I think the photo below really hits to what is. Some people are really ignorant when it comes to this condition. I saw a woman in Boots have a seizure and no one but me helped her. I calmed her down and told her what had happened and that she had a cut lip. I told her she hadn't had an accident in terms of wetting herself (something some people do when having a seizure I'm not one of them thankfully).

Did you know that the ribbon for epilepsy is awareness? Strange to think that as it's my favourite colour and I live with epilepsy. I do not suffer from it like some people think we do. Far from it, those who have Epilepsy live with it, they go about their normal lives they have no limitations. They or rather we live our lives like any one else. We do not suffer as we do not have pain every day, we do once we have a seizure, but we LIVE with the CONDITION. Not disease or disorder or curse but condition.

November is Epilepsy awareness month, will you be wearing the purple ribbon or a purple piece of clothing to raise awareness. I do every year, I'm an advocate for Epilepsy Action as well as being an advocate for Breakthrough Breast cancer. Two conditions that I hold close to my heart and like the photo below says, Brains are as equally important as Boobs. Which reminds me are you checking your bangers regularly? Give them some TLC each month Touch, do the feel different Look do they look different? is there a change in shape, texture, colour? Check see if there are other signs and look them up.

Who do you wear purple for? Do you live with epilepsy or know someone who does?



Eye Types and Eye Liner.

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, hope you are all well and keeping warm in this horrible cold weather Today I am going to be talking about the eyes, now people say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I feel that a persons eyes can be the main focus on a person. They are after all one of the first things someone sees, so I am going to focus on the different types of eyeliners, the colours you should be reaching for and how to apply them for your eye shape.

I love eyeliner. It helps to define an eye and in some case can - if put on right - can change the shape of an eye. Now if I don’t have eyeliner on I don't feel presentable, it doesn't even have to be much, just a little bit of colour to define my eyes. I love how it can change the way you feel & look instantly & how it can be taken from day to night without having to faff around for ages; just a simple line/flick & you can create a much more dramatic look.

Eye Shapes

We all have our favourite style of eyeliner (I myself am partial to a thin line with a bolder flick), but there are ways we should be lining our eyes to make the most of them. So here are some handy little pictures & words (well I think they are anyway)

If these are your eyes, then you can wear eyeliner how you bloody well wish as you have the perfect eye shape to pull anything off. 

For the best look draw a thin line from the inner corner of the eye on your top lashes to the ends. On your lower lashes line from the middle to the outer edge then smudge. 


For your eyes to appear further apart concentrate on drawing attention to the outer corners of your eyes. Use dark shades on the outer corners of the eye (going for a smudged look) & use a lighter eyeliner on the inner corners. 

The opposite to close-set eyes, you want to use a dark colour on the inner corners to make the eyes appear closer together, & fade the colour out towards the outer corners of your eyes. Avoid any style that will make your eyes appear longer in width (such as large flicks) as this will make your eyes appear further apart. 


As we all know there are plenty of different types of eyeliners, so here is a little run down of them. 

The makeup bag favorite, no matter if you love it or loathe it, we all have a couple floating around (my personal recommendation is the Urban Decay 24/7 ones.) These are generally what most people find easiest to use & are perfect to use when getting the hang of applying & wearing eyeliner if you are just starting out.

Ok so not technically eyeliner as such, but I love the different colours of eyeshadows so tend to use them to line my lower lashes. They don't tend to last as long as eye liner & cannot be used on your water line, as for a start it will just wear off straight away & it could also lead to sore eyes.

Liquid Liner
I love liquid liner, especially for a night out as it gives a more defined line & you can get quite creative. The only down side is that it’s a little trickier to apply so you do need to practice, for me the felt tip style ones are easier than the bottled liners, but it is all down to personal preference. A little tip here is to mark 3 dots (inner corner, centre & outer corner) on the lash line, then using short brush strokes join them up working from inner to outer eye. I love Revlon Colourstay; as it does not budge or transfer onto my eyelids.

I haven’t used too many Gel eyeliners so I doubt I could give you a perfect recommendation here, although I do quite like the E.L.F one in Gunmetal. So these come in little pots & you apply these using a brush (usually an angled brush). Again, like liquid liners they can be a bit tricky at first so you do need to practice. Also these can smudge quite easy, which isn't great if you want a sleek look, but perfect for a smudged smoky eye look.


Usually the season determines what colours I go for, normally I like silver or grey all over then black on the outside for like a evening smokey eye look. However, during the day in the summer I like pinks or peach colours with a nice thin line of eye liner think 1950s still aka Mad Men make up. In the winter it will be more deeper colours like purple or dusky pink again with eyeliner. There are certain colours which will really make your eyes stand out though & make em’ look extra pweety. So here is a little guide to the colours you should be wearing for your eye colour:

You can wear all colours (like me) you lucky begger you.

Purple, Bronze, Brown & Gold

Purple, Brown & Charcoal

Charcoal, Brown & Navy

As a little tip a white or nude colour on the inner lower line will make your eyes look bigger. Who doesn't want lovely big doll eyes ey.

I hope you enjoyed the post & found some of it useful. At the end of the day makeup is all about what makes you feel good, so if any of the above isn't what makes you feel good, then ignore me :) Makeup is about you & what makes you look & feel a million quid.

Do you have a preferred colour or style if so what is it?

Face Of The Day

Hello my beautiful dolls, well today I thought I should really look through my blogger notebook. If you don't already know my blogger notebook is where I write down all posting ideas and products I want to try or recipes I want to bake. Anyways looking through the notebook I noticed I hadn't done a face of the day post. Now I'm not one who likes taking pictures of myself, I know what ya thinking 'you're a beauty blogger it's one of the things we do to show products' I know, but I always think I look miserable or that I'm sneering in them so I apologise now if I look miserable in the picture. So with out further babbling I give you my very first Face of the Day post.

So above you can see my face, a bit pale but better than what it is without make up. So to the make up below.

To start off with I used Benefit Porefessional I love this primer it really leaves my skin looking flawless even without foundation. Speaking of which for my foundation I used Revlon Match Perfection in Light Porcelain 010 apart from Dior 10 this is the only foundation I have found so far that doesn't leave me looking like I've been tangoed. I then used Soap & Glory Kiss Ass Concealer to cover my blemishes and what not. I then used Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot powder to set it all.

For my eyes I used E.L.F eyeshadow in confident then followed that with Soap & Glory SuperCat liquid eyeliner pen then for my mascara I used Kelly Brook eye mascara. and finished off with Kelly Brook blusher in Bardot. I do normally use a highlighter and bronzer to contour, but I wasn't feeling it today.

All the products apart from the kick ass concealer will have reviews in the next few weeks. I do believe I already have a review on the concealer which you can read here.

Thank you for reading my post, what do you guys prefer to use?



Peachpowxo giveaway

Hey Lovlies,

      *Picture belongs to @peachpowxo it is only being used for the blog post about the giveaway.

Quick post for you tonight. The lovely Tamsyn-Elizabeth over on Peach Pow xo is having a little giveaway. It's a christmas hamper for her secret santa. All goodies in the hamper are chosen by Tamsyn-Elizabeth. So if you want to be in with a chance, just go over to http://peachpowxo.blogspot.co.uk/ and enter via the rafflecopter form there are mandatory entries you need to do, but the rest are just for extra chances.

 Good luck!

A Little Update!

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all doing ok. I must firstly apologise for my lack of posts, my life has been hectic at the moment. First I'm job hunting never really liked the job I was in so it was kind of a blessing when the contract ended, but now what with the current economic climate it's hard to find a job that I would really like. Secondly my great aunt has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has also been told she has a couple of months. So as you can understand blogging has been kind of side lined for a bit.

However, I am back now and finally have a notebook which I'm writing a list of posts to do, products I would love to try. Photo list of products I have recently purchased, and OOTD, FOTD, and various other stuff I need to do for the blog. I've also entered a couple of competitions, some I haven't won some I'm still waiting to hear about. 

I have just realised that this post will be the second or third post of the day, I am so making up for the missing posts...sort of lol.

I am doing a raffle for breakthrough breast cancer and every donation (click on the button above my picture on the side bar) will go to breakthrough and you will be entered into the raffle to win lovely prized. These include vouchers from Stardust Boutique (dresses recently seen on the girls for MTV the valleys) vouchers from Hello Gorgeous, free facial plus three friends from Tropical Skin Care and various other prizes. Remember girlies show your bangers some TLC (Touch Look Check).

Do you sponsor a charity? If so I would love to hear about your work? 

The Autumn Tag.

1. What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

I love being able to throw on a big wooly jumper and Boot like slippers. I love being warm and cosy and I love being able to throw on lots of layers and warm clothes is great. Also, Autumn means that Halloween and Christmas are coming.

2. Favourite Autumn Drink?

I really love Tea and Coffee and other warm drink except novelist and horlicks. So it's hard to say, I have coffee in the day and tea as it gets dark so I'll say its a toss up between tea and hot chocolate lol.

3. Favourite Scent/Candle?

I don't really like scented candles, so I'm going to have to say a perfume which is loverdose. It smells like liquorice and I mainly have liquorice at Christmas. So whenever I smell it I think of Christmas and all things warm and cosy. 

4. Best Autumn Lipstick?

At the moment I'm loving MAC Creme Cup but I really only wear lipstick if I'm going out of an evening. If I'm not I stick to lip gloss or lip balm.

5. Go To Moisturiser in Autumn?

I have very dry skin which is also prone to breakouts so I use three types. During the day I wear simple moisturiser to hydrate skin if I'm wearing make up that is. If I'm staying in having a make up free day I use E45 and at night to help clear my skin I use germolene. I know some may think yuk that's horrible, but I've tried tons of stuff from the doctors and now my dermo. Nothing works apart from germolene.

6. Go To Autumn Eye Colour?

During the day I tend to stick to a soft eye, a soft pink or beige and then a brown on the edge and crease of the eye, and when going out of a night time I do the same only this time I use silver in place of the pink or beige and black in place of the brown. At the moment I love Kelly Brooks eye shadow which can be found in new look. I will do a post on them soon. 

7. Favourite Band/Artist to listen to?

Hmmm that's a tough one because I don't have a particular band I stick too, my taste on music varies depending on my mood. I've gone back to 90s pop at the moment with he likes of Backstreet boys! Steps and New Kids on the Block. Thanks to them all reuniting and doing tours over here last year. Again I will do a post on the gigs lol.

8. Favourite Outfit To Wear?

I love to wear jeans, a knitted jumper and boots during the winter. If I'm going out I put on thick tights and a nice dress with a shrug.

9. Autumn Treat?

My wishlist is bigger than me at the moment, but I really want to get my hands on illamasqua hydra primer. I first saw it on pixiwoos youtube channel and as I have dry skin I thought it would be perfect.

10. Favourite Place To Be?

Bed, I love my bed, especially when it's cold outside. I love getting cosy in bed with a hot chocolate and a hot water bottle and sticking a classic christmas movie on like It's a Wonderful Life or White Christmas. 



Great Pink Bake off raffle

Hi my beautiful lovely dolls,

Ok so this month is breast cancer awareness month and being a breakthrough breast cancer advocate/campaigner/fundraiser I have decided to join the great pink bake offs what is it? I hear you ask, good question it is where bakers professional or amateur bake cakes, cupcakes etc and sell them to raise money for breakthrough breast cancer. I thought why just bake and sell why not hold a raffle too. Everyone loves a good raffle plus it's for a good cause.

So I got my thinking cap on and went to Facebook and twitter to promote my little raffle and to bug people (businesses) to donate prizes so far three business have donated prizes. New welsh boutique Stardust Boutique run by my dear friend and fellow miss student uk contestant (as well as tons of other beauty pageants) Kylie Herne. She has donated a £20 voucher to spend either online or in the shop and my cousin Mandy Morecombe has donate two vouchers from her new beauty business Hello Gorgeous. As well as Sheryl Gurden from Tropic Skin Care has donated a free mini facial for a winner and three friends. The hello gorgeous and tropic skin care are based in Milton Keynes. I have other prizes being donated on a weekly hopefully daily basis. So if you wish to donate a prize brilliant just leave a comment and I'll get back to you or be in with the chance to win click the sponsor me button above my picture or click here JustGiving - Sponsor me now! Thank you and remember girlies show your bangers some TLC. Touch, Look, Check. Also check out breakthrough breast cancers site to find out the five yes FIVE signs of breast cancer you need to look out for. Oh and it's not just us ladies that can get breast cancer it's our fellas too.
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