ELF Haul Part 2

Hello my lovelies.

As promised here is part two of my ELF collection. Now I have since found out that ELF have opened up a store in Cardiff. I'm quite far away on the other side of ENgland in fact. However, that won't stop me making a trip there one day. Anywho on to the haul as you can see I got quite a bit again, £60 worth for £30 I do love a bargain.

I got some more brushes (smudge brush, blending brush, smudge eye sponge, eyeliner brush, blending brush, eyelash and brow wand, lip defining brush) a pack of three nail varnish, mineral face primer, brush shampoo, zit zapper, cuticle pen, lip balm, eye widener and shimmer eyeliner pencil.

Some more brushes (flawless concealer, brow and lash comb, defining eye brush and another one I can't remember what.) Bronzer, two eyeshadows, clear mascara, tone correcting concealer, nail polish, concealer, all over cover stick, tinted moisturizer. 

Lip exfoliator, glitter lip gloss

Again I will do individual reviews on the products as and when I use them.


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