Expiration Date on Make Up.

Hello my Lovelies, How are you all doing on this cold miserable morning? Now the other day I decided to sort through my make up. I mean I'm buying new make up nearly every other week thanks to this blog and reading other amazing blogs. In the process I neglect other products I have been loyal to over the years and some got back years and I mean years. Some are that old they have crumbled yet are still useable. Yet, make up like food has expiration dates on it, yep make up goes out of date. To check you need to look at the label and the number in the little make up boz that says like 24 or 12 is telling you how many months you can use it for. So here is a run down of all products and their use by dates.

 I was shocked when I sorted through mine and found some dating back over 10 years. My mum has make up dating back to the 80s. I am going to have to sit down with her and make her throw all the old junk away. God only knows how much bacteria is on it. No I'm not one of those people who hates germs I just don't like knowing that my make up and my mums make up has a build up of bacteria and yet we still use it on our faces. It's like brushes I have to start cleaning them more often than I do and also make my mum clean hers.

So do you know how long you've had your make up for?


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