Choosing a foundation yourself can be very daunting. Check out my tips that will help you if you are a first time buyer or a foundation addict. This is a must read.

1. Avoid buying a foundation online - Computerised product swatches are rarely accurate, making it very hard to see if a foundation will actually be a good colour match for you. If buying online is your only option, try reading reviews and looking at swatches on other blogs preferably with a comparison of a foundation you already own. Also, some brands such as Mac and Estee Lauder give you the option to email or chat with a makeup artist online, they can advise you as best as possible.

2. Decide what finish you want from your foundation - If you have very oily skin I would recommend a matte finish and if you have very dry skin I would and a dewy finish. Although that advise is no where near set in stone, I have found that it works best as your skin type can interfere with the foundation's appearance and can make your skin look very greasy or cling to dry patches. 

3. Think about what coverage is best for you - i.e. light, medium, or full. Many foundations offer buildable coverage which means they are suitable for if you like to change between coverages like me as I like a heavy coverage for evening makeup but a sheer coverage for everyday. As it is sometimes difficult to tell the coverage from a foundation simply by reading the label, I would advise looking at some online reviews where possible.

4. Remember your skin's undertones -  Go for a yellow toned foundation if you have cooler tones in your skin and go for a pink toned foundation if you have warmer tones. A simple way to tell what tone you are is by clenching your fist. If your veins appear more green then you are a cool tone, if they are more blue then you are a warmer tone. 

5. NEVER swatch on the back of your hand - this will not give you an accurate colour match. You want the colour of your face to blend nicely with your body. The best places to swatch are your jawline and around your upper chest/lower neck area. Try a few colours and whichever disappears into your skin is the best choice for you. 

6. Head down to a beauty counter - the staff are lovely and helpful. I've never had any bad experiences and always left loving the product and feeling like it was a good choice for me. Many counters such as Mac, No7, Dior and Benefit will match you to a foundation colour free of charge. If you are buying from a brand on the high street then take a foundation you already own along with you. This will make finding a colour match so much easier and you can just compare the shades on the back of your hand. 

I hope this has made foundation shopping easier for you all. Do you have any tips to share for buying foundations?

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