Primark Haul

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, now before christmas- yes I know bit late in posting but was so busy- I went to primark with my mum. Now I was only going to browse as it was getting close to christmas and didn't want to get anything in case my parents were stuck on things to get me. However, when I see things my mum always goes if you want get it, it's your money. So that's what I ended up doing, so what did I get? I hear you ask, well just take a look below.

This jumper is soooooo comfty I just love it.

I wore this dress to a mates birthday and to a New Years Eve party. Got loads of complements. 

Love wearing this, when going down the street at night my shadow looks like a teddy bear.

Had to get christmas socks just for the fun of it.

So there you have it, it's not a lot and there were other stuff I wanted to buy, but I thought I would leave those and just drop hints at them for my mum.
What do you think?


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