Hello February


Hello my beautiful lovely dolls,

So we are in the second month of the year. I can't believe how quick January went, it feels like yesterday that I said I would blog more and I am so sorry that I haven't. January was a mad month for me, but I am taking February as my January so I can restart all my new year resolutions.

Also Valentines day is coming. Eeek! Now I don't normally celebrate Valentines day as I don't normally have a valentine, but this year I think there's a possibility that there might be. For the past year I have been talking to this guy on a website called forces penpals. As the name suggests it's a penpal site for members of the forces. Now I had to take out a subscription to use the site as I am not a member of the forces, but that's ok as I'm able to help soldiers, navy, Air Force personal in passing the time when they are out on deployment. Anyways I started talking to this guy who I only knew as Dan, after a few months of talking via the website, we switched to text messages. No I didn't give him my number he gave me his, and he waited patiently for me to text him. Then when I got my new phone we progressed to Whatsapp for a few months and now we have moved onto skype calls so I finally get to see his face rather than a picture of it. Now he is based in Bedford which isn't that far from my home town, but in two weeks he gets relocated to Wyton in Cambridgeshire. 

Here is where things get interesting, we had been talking about meeting up before he got his "orders" and when he told me I thought hmm our "relationship" is going to just be online. So I asked him one night during our skype call, when he relocates would he travel back to Bedford and my hometown? I was dreading the answer, but he actually surprised me. He replied for you I would. Then he went on to make a joke and me not wanting to push anything into a serious direction said he just wants "fun". Again he surprised me and pushed it into a serious direction by saying, I don't just want "fun" I want more ideally and I'm not saying it has to be, but it would be bloody wonderful. 

So yea now I have told you my very interesting life, I think I might just have a valentines this year. Oh I never told you what he did. To be honest I don't know what he does all I do know is he's in the RAF and is 30 and very funny and knows when I'm not feeling myself even when I put on the fake smile us girls do.

I would love to hear if any of you have met your partners through websites. As well as how all of you celebrate valentines day, especially your first one. 

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