iPhone 5S

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls,

Back in November I got a new phone the new iPhone 5S it's costing £27 pounds a month. However it is so worth it as my last phone iPhone 3G, didn't let me blog on the go! I couldn't use all the apps that were on my iPad on the go as I couldn't get them on my phone! I'll do another post on what apps I use later.

However now I have this little beauty I can do my blogging when I'm out an about or when I'm sat downstairs and my iPad is in my room charging. Plus what is also good about this is it has fingerprint recognition, so if you need to unlock your phone in private and you're worried that someone might see it and then steal your phone, you can just place either your thumb or finger on the home button to unlock it. Setting it up is easy as well, also your headphones they don't come in a little plastic carrier anymore they come in a sweet little case that you can take with you so you don't tangle them up when you put them in your bag or pocket...or is that just me who does that?!

So to all those who are trying to decide whether or not to buy this or the Samsung 4S I would say go for this one hands down. I do love apple products so I may be a bit bias, but you do get your moneys worth with this, plus you can get a screen protector that only allows you to see what is on the screen so if anyone is sat next to you, they won't be able to see who you are texting or what you write on your blog.

Has anyone else got the new iPhone 5S? What are your views on it? Have you change to an iPhone from another android phone?


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