Urban Decay Naked Foundation.

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls, now I don't know about you but I struggle to find the perfect foundation especially for my skin tone, I'm fair with cool undertones apparently. All the foundations I've tried from drugstores just don't seem to work. I normally go for ivory shade. Now ivory does suit, however when you changes from say Rimmel to Maybelline they tend to differ a bit.

So I thought why not go up market a bit and try high end brands. So I ventured into Debenhams and looked at Chanel, Mac, Dior and Urban Decay. I went to the Dior stand and got matched to a lovely shade which suited my undertones. So I got it and wore it till I run out, now for me that shows I truly loved it. So when it came time for me to replace it I thought £47 is a bit pricey and it didn't really give that go a coverage I had to put two loads on and yes it looked cakey.

So I went over to Urban Decay and spoke to the lovely girl there and she matched me to Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 1.0 now this is medium to full coverage and is runny so you don't need a lot which is good. When she put it on it felt as though I didn't have any foundation on, yet when I looked in the mirror you could see I did as it covered my blemishes. 

The girl told me I didn't have to buy it there and then I could think about it and come back. Needless to say I didn't need to think and I got it there and then and it was only £27, which is a decent price I must say. It gives good coverage, blends nicely, the packaging is simple yet eye catching. You don't need a lot which means you won't need to go out in say 3 months time to buy more, plus it's build able but won't make you look cakey. It has a lovely velvety feel to it and sinks into the skin perfectly.

Here's what it looks like, as you can see it's quite sheer so a little goes a long way!

This is it blended! Now I don't know if you can see but near my wrist I have a scratch that my dog did. The foundation had nearly made it disappear! Also some of my freckles have been covered so they are visible! 

 This is what I look like with one layer of it on. I'm sorry for the quality I took it with my iPad. However as you can see it's given me really good coverage and my blemishes have been covered really well. 

I am loving Urban Decay products right now and this foundation is amazing, it just goes on flawlessly and has a velvety feel to it which makes it feel as though you aren't wearing any make up, hence it being called Naked.

I would love to know if any of you have tried this foundation and whether or not you approve of it.


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