Hello my beautiful lovely dolls,

Now I don't know about you but I love a bargain or two. Bargains come in all styles like sales, charity shops, offers ie buy two get one free or half price etc. since Christmas I have bought from two sales...so far! Both times from Boots, I have looked at other stores but nothing really took my fancy which is a shocker. Anywho here is what I got.

Now I do have some more but can't seem to find the pictures so I will have to take more. When I do I'll update this post.

Now this lovely bundle cost £18.89 and I paid using my boots club are points which was amazing that I had even accumulated that many points, as I've not had it that long.

Since I bought these I have used the mark hill straightening set which includes shampoo, conditioner, heat protection spray and straightening balm and let me tell you it's amazing. It does exactly what it say and straightens hair perfectly. Ok I used straighteners as well but I didn't need to go over my hair so many times and it gave my hair such a shine, which for my hair is kind of hard to do.

I've also used the lee stafford set, which includes dry shampoo, dehumidifying spray, heat protection and a comb. How all I've used is the heat protection and dehumidifying sprays and they are brilliant, along with these I use lee stafford quick dry spray which you put on damp hair and brush through and it cuts your blow drying time in half. It used to take me an hour and a half to dry and straighten my hair. Now with the quick dry spray and can blow dry my hair and straighten it in less than an hour. Ok maybe an hour, but I faff about trying to pin my hair into sections. 

So I would gladly suggest investing in these products, trust me you will never use any other products again.


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