Perfect- What Is It?

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls,

I'm not going to do a beauty post per se, but more of an inspirational post. Now when ever I go out shopping I always see young girls looking at make up and hear them say "I can't stand my face it's hideous and I just want to put a mask on.   I find myself thinking yes enhance your feature, but don't cover yourself up to hide your true self! I've been there and done exactly what they are doing, but as I've grown up and learned to apply make up to enhance my best feature I've stopped moaning about how I look...sometimes. 

I've also noticed some girls saying oh I want a nose job or lipo to slimdown my big hips. I want to shout no no stop! Again I have been there, a few years ago I was in topshop and I was having a personal shopper moment and the girl helping me was pretty thin and I found myself moaning about my hips and bum as they were big! She's looked at me with pure shock on her face and grabbed me by the shoulders and said "don't you dare say that you are beautiful, if a guy was to look at you years ago he would see child bearing hips and a voluptuous butt! I'm sure guys today see exactly that as well! You just need the right clothes to improve on these features!" 

So I say never ever say you're fat unless it affects your health! Even then don't say it, just say "ok I've put on a few pounds and I need to do something about it!" But don't ever go on a health freak kick cus you will just go from one extreme to the next.

Going back to the young girls, I looked at them and thought you've caked yourself in make up drawn eyebrows on and make yourself look like a clown how can you possibly think that is better than the real you!?! I have learned to go a few days without make up as it lets my skin breath! Yea I find it difficult to let guys see me without make up, but shock horror I found myself doing exactly that the other night when I spoke to this guy over Skype. I even told him I'm not wearing make up so excuse the hideous face! Yes I said hideous, but it was meant as a joke to him! He's turned round and said "I don't care to be honest I don't like it when girls wear make up as I can't see their true beauty!"

Now this was the first time I had ever spoken to him via skype so was the first time he's ever seen me. So I felt happy knowing a guy liked me for me and not the mask I always hide behind!

So just like the picture says "perfection doesn't exist!" Actually to me it does, however we all have our own view on "perfection" I see perfection as when we learn to accept ourselves and not what we think others say we should look like! Young girls today look at magazines and see thin celebrities and models, what they don't see is all the airbrushing that goes on to give them a thin waist or slim arms or that flawless smooth face! 

I personally feel that is the cause in the rise in eating disorders! The warped views on what they think is perfect! Now to you I might not seem perfect and I'm not believe me I've made mistakes, but they are life experiences. Yet I see myself as "perfect" as I have learned to accept who I am! I'm not going to change how I look or act. I'm not going to change my body just because some magazine says oh you're not a size 0 you're so not perfect! Yes I'm plus size and I don't give a damn, I am me I am real I'm not cosmetically altered, yes I considered lipo when I was younger. I'm glad I didn't have it as I wouldn't be me anymore! We are all born in different ways, different sizes, different colour skin. Yet we are all beautiful and perfect in our own ways. We are REAL! 

Even guys find themselves doing the same thing, trying to alter their body's with steroids so they become "buff" so girls find them attractive! NO NO NO. Girls will find you attractive for you being you, for your personality not your looks! Well they should because personality remains but looks will fade over time!

So yes we are born to be real. Not perfect by societies standards! We don't want to end up being copies of someone else. If we do then we won't be unique, we won't be standing out from the crowd and won't get noticed for who we really are.

So girls be you not someone else! Accept you for you, don't try and change because some editor of a magazine or cosmetic company says your hideous! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sweetheart to me you're beautiful, you're stunning, you're amazing! So wipe of that thick mask and use make up to enhance features not cover them up! 

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