Hello March and Hello Spring!

Hello my beautiful lovely dolls,

Well we now move out of another month and into another one. March is a semi busy month for me, I have my sisters birthday and her wedding anniversary to celebrate as well as Mothers Day. At least this year it doesn't involve Easter. Oh and I also have two mates who have birthdays in march and on the same day and I've been invited out clubbing by both. I don't know what one to go to as they don't know each other so I'm a bit torn up with that one in all fairness.


Then we have lovely Spring! Well I say lovely it normally rains in Spring so it will be Welles, raincoats and umbrellas...very chic! Well this is only a quick post to say hope you had a wonderful February, hope you got the valentines you wanted if you are into all that stuff that is. As well as to say enjoy the coming month and lovely wet and windy Spring weather we are predicted. I have a few plans for March one involves a photoshoot for a calendar it's theme is burlesque show girl so I'm having to sort out a costume. Once I have been given permission I will post the pictures I get. It's going to be my second calendar I've been in, but I'm hoping it will be better than the last one I did. The theme was cartoon heroes I went as Wonder Woman - big mistake as I got one of those tacky fancy dress costumes. I'll post a picture once I find the cd with them on.

Also this calendar will be the first that has featured both myself and my sister again it will be her second calendar feature. But she's also had other burlesque shoots. This will be my third one, my sister introduced me to the photographer and I've been hooked ever since. I love the vintage period it's so classy, elegant, chic and glamorous. Everything I love to be honest.

I would love to hear what your plans are for this month? 

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