Brow Arch March

Hello my lovely beautiful dolls,

For those of you who haven't heard and you'd have to be living under a rock not to, March sees the launch of Brow Arch March. Now Brow Arch March is happening all through March at Benefit brow bars located in 50 Debenhams stores across the country. What it is, is a free brow wax for a requested minimum donation of £5, with all proceeds going directly to cancer charity Look Good Feel Better. LGFB is an international cancer charity which help both women and teenagers feel better about themselves whilst going through chemo and other treatments. 

Now I first heard about it from another fellow blogger and unfortunately I was a bit late to get involved in the actual march which happened in London 9th March, but I heard everyone had an amazing day. So ladies those of you that went congratulations and I would love to hear more about your experiences.

Today I ventured into my local Debenhams and went up to my benebabes and booked an appointment the and then. I had my eyebrows tinted, waxed and tweezed. I must say I love them and all for five pounds for the eyes but I had more done as I have a photoshoot coming up the lovely benebabe said 'how would you like your upper lip waxed as well?' 

I have to admit at first I was mortified I thought is it really that bad! I think she saw that look as she quickly said 'it will make the make up sit really nice for your shoot! So I went ahead and having that done in a department store was horrifying to say the least! However I'm really happy with the final result so here are my new eyebrows!

Here is what they looked like before!

A big difference! Ok she filled them in and they were a bit darker than what I am use to but that is easily washed off! 

So my lovelies any of you have your eyes done or plan of having them done I would love to hear your experience!


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