Beauty Tips: Coughs & Colds

For time to time we all suffer with a cough or cold or sometimes both and this can make us feel drained, tired and lousy. So, in keeping with my homemade remedies, here are my tips of what I do when suffering with a cough or cold...
Honey & Lemon - Great for soothing a sore throat. Try mixing honey and lemon with hot water for a nice, hot, soothing drink. Of if you are hungry, try speading onto toast. This will help too.
Steaming - No, not a pink potion in a cauldron! But inhaling hot water can help unblock your nose. Boiling water will do but you can try adding some tea tree oil, eucaliptus or Olbas oil all will help. Place a towel over your head to keep the steam in and inhale deeply.
Drinks - Keep drinking plently of fluids. Water or hot drinks are all fine. The steam from hot drinks will help unblock your nose and loosen any muscus.
Lavendar - Sometimes sleeping can be distrurbed with coughing and sneezing. Try burning a lavendar candle in yor bedroom to help you feel sleepy or place dried lavendar in some hot water and let the steam fill your room.

I hope some of these tips help. Let me know any of your own!


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