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So just over a week ago (April 22nd) I celebrated my 27th birthday yes I know I'm getting old. I thought it's my birthday I'll get a nice lie in. Oh how wrong was I at 6:50am my dad comes into my room and shouts HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Now I normally wear an eye mask to bed as my curtains aren't black out ones so the sun shines through and so I sit straight up wearing my mask and I hear him laugh. Me in my half asleep state telling him kindly thank you but I was sleeping so don't do that. I must admit it was sweet, he even took the day off work. Said he had a migraine bless him.

Mum brings me a cup of tea and I drink half of it and fall back to sleep only to wake up at 10am, at which time I do the usual open cards and presents. I didn't get much, but then again I wasn't expecting a lot. I did get a curling wand and some jeans and an ann summer gift set from my folks. Yes  you read that right my folks got me a gift set from Ann summer. Luckily it was a joke present and I can take it back and get some nice underwear instead. I got a primark gift card of my nan and granddad and I'm currently waiting for my sister to visit so I can get her present.

Although it was my birthday I decided to make some cupcakes for my dad to take into work the following day as it was his 50th. So there I was at 3pm out in the kitchen mixing and baking and melting chocolate, on my birthday my parents told me I don't have to, but I wanted to and anyway I like baking and it saves dad money popping into tesco on the way to work to get cakes for his coworkers. Now I was told he had 40 people in his office so I made over 40 cupcakes, this however, turned out to be a white lie. I still made and decorated the cakes and he took them into work. Now I thought seen as there wasn't 40 people in the office my dad would bring some cupcakes home. Nope, all the cupcakes went. My dad said he was so proud of me and happy that everyone like them, as I had slaved away until 10pm that night decorating and packing them all up in individual cupcake boxes.

He did however, bring home a tarybake cake that he was given by one of his co-workers so me and my mum demolished that between us. So I can't complain that all my cakes went. I do after all want to start my own little cake business so this is a good start I must say.

Here are just some pictures I took during and after baking. 
Red velvet cake mix.

Cakes cooling off, 1st batch.
Final product all decorated and packed up ready to go.

I will post some pictures later showing what I go, once I've taken the Ann Summers gift set back that is lol.

Let me know what you think! I try to reply to all comments I receive. 


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  1. I love baking too and do cakes for friends and family. Hope you get to do your little cake business
    New follower on blogluvin!!!!

    Carrieanne xx


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