Cosmopolitain Blog Awards 2014

Hello my lovelies,

Yes that time of year has come round again. Blog award season and I'm going to push for nominations. I'm sorry to clog up your news feeds, but this would be very much appreciated if you would go to Cosmo website and nominate Rosie's Vintage Chic for best new beauty blog please. As of today May 1st Rosie's Vintage Chic has been going for exactly 18 months, I really can't believe it's been that long. Thank you to all those who follow me, either on twitter, bloglovin or on GCF, I truly am thankful that you take the time to read the blog. 

Without you lot it would just be an online diary, which is what it actually was to be, but as I got reading other blogs I found out it can be so much more and now it is my hobby and I love it so much. Yes I have spent a lot of money buying make-up, clothes and all sorts of other things to review, but I love it and I love reading other bloggers reviews and then trying the product out for myself.

So please could you nominate me for Best New Beauty Blog please I would love you eternally. Thank you much love!


  1. Will nominate you! :)
    Really like your blog, btw!

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
    I have a new post everyday!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise


    1. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I have been really busy as of late. Thank you so much for the nomination, I am following you on blogspot. I really love your blog, it's so chic and easy to navigate round I love it. :-)


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