Life post - a small ramble on "Friends"

So over the past couple of months, since being out of work I have noticed that my "friends" - not all of them but a close knit group - have started to exclude me from things. How do I know this? I hear you so, well there's this little thing called Facebook where they plaster it all over. If it's not checking in at a certain place it's tagging people in pictures as well as putting up statuses about how the night was awesome. Yes I know it shouldn't hurt, but it does I asked them why I was getting excluded and they said because you don't like the things we do, you don't like just sitting round someone's house you'd rather go clubbing. Yes I admit I do hate just staying in and yes I would rather go clubbing, cinema or out for dinner, the latter two they do without me as well. 

Now before you say anything this group of "friends" are younger than me by two years and so should be able to go clubbing without leaving at midnight. I mean on my birthday I went clubbing and only three people came along, because the others didn't feel up to it, yet they all went out for another mates birthday clubbing a month before. This mate claims they only went clubbing to make me happy, I turned round and said well if you didn't want to go clubbing you didn't have to, I had another mate who's birthday it was the same day who was out clubbing I could have spent it with her instead. 

Plus on my birthday I had one of them have a go at me for not wanting to do what they want, she didn't even say happy birthday can you believe that, the nerve! But anyways before I ramble further, it's safe to say that after much thought and negative feelings I decided to delete them thinking they would contact me asking why had I done it. How wrong was I, none of them have contacted me since, even my ex who I was on speaking terms with again has deleted me after spending a night out with the group again without me. When I asked him he turns round and says his Facebook is messing up, all well and good and I would have believed him if he hadn't have turned round afterwards and said 'my life has not and never will revolve around you' um we were a couple for nearly two years and he told me when I ended it that he don't want to lose me as I'm his world hmmm! 

So yea so much for him growing up, so now I'm down five "friends" and to be honest I feel so much better as I'm not worried about what they are doing and if they are excluding me from things. I've got a more positive outlook on life (so far). If they want me back in their lives then they can contact me, I can't give two hoots anymore. 

Sorry for the ramble just needed it off my chest a my family are sick of me going on about it. I think the moral of this post is, not to worry what other people think of you. If they want you in their life they will do whatever they can to keep you there. If not then it's their loss, you are a much better person without so called friends who do nothing but bring you down!

Have any of you had "friends" change on you and exclude you or just cut you out of their lives for no reason?

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  1. Sounds like they weren't worth a second of your time! As I get older I see who my true friends are and can totally sympathise as (although much petty-er in secondary school) I had a similar issue!
    Change is good and everything happens for a reason.. blah blah blah haha!




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