Clarins Skin Consultation and Free Facial.

Hello my lovely dolls,

So over a month ago I was in debenhams and I get stopped by a member of the Clarins team, she offered me a free skin consultation and free facial. I thought it's free so why not! So I sit there and she looks at my face and asks me about my skin routine. Now I admit my routine was a lot to be desired. It was make up removing wipes, soap (yes I know sin), water, tea tree oil and that was it oh and moisturiser. She also asked me what it was I hated about my skin, to which I reply my pores and acne and oily/dryness. 

Then she takes my make up off. I nearly cried as I never go out in public without make up unless it's for like 2 minutes to go round the shops for milk. So after she's removed my make up, she starts prodding my skins and running her fingers all over. Now I've always been told never touch your face as all the dirt will transfer. But don't worry she had used hand sanitiser so must have been ok, once all that is done and dusted she tells me my skin is really dehydrated. So she pulls out a catalogue type book and marks all the products she thinks I will need. 

She then proceds to get all the products to show me how to use each one and explains to me how each one will improve my skin. The range she suggested for me is hydra quench, so that my face or rather skin becomes hydrated. After all the talk and showing me how to use the products - in the form of a facial - I get to chose my products. I first chose the foaming cleanser, toner and moisturiser, then I got given a free bag with body scrub and body lotion and I also got free samples of two types of face oil (lotus and blue orchid) I also got to chose four other samples so I chose a bronzer, which I haven't used yet, a lip gloss (review to follow), another type of moisturise which I used at night and beauty balm.

The extra products are from when I went back for my review which was last week and it had been a month of using the stuff and I am pleased to announce that my skin is no longer dehydrated. Yes that's right in a month or just over I have improved my skin hydration and I'm also please to say my acne has cleared up a lot since using the products. So I also got at this review a face mask and cleansing milk which to be honest since using has made me flare up I think I prefer the cleaning foam as it is used with water rather than just wiping it off like the cleansing milk. With this I also got another free bag (not pictured) I got anti wrinkle free gifts that I gave my mum to try. As well as a sample of eye make up remover, eye cream and their new tinted moisturiser (review to come.) 

Also I am happy to say after the facial and skin consultation the lovely lady Katie even reapplied my make up for me so I could continue shopping. Apart from having my make up removed the other embarrassing thing was sitting in debenhams with people walking past and having a face mask on lol. Once she had reapplied my make up she even marked on the catalogue what products she used incase I wanted to purchase them at a later day. I think I will but maybe put them on my Xmas list first.

Now I don't want to scare you, but this was my face before I started using the products and changing my routine something massive. 


Sorry about the quality the lighting and my iPad were rubbish. Now this is my face now! 

Again sorry about the quality I do promise to take better ones in future, but the camera on my iPad was the only one available as my proper camera is charging.

So there you have it a massive improvement I think. I would love to hear your views on the Clarins range and any products that you have used.


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