Eeeek! I'm Not Allowed To Do What?!

Hello my lovelies, Yes I am finally doing the big spending ban. Now I've said sooo many times to friends and family that I will do one, but I've never really thought about putting the wheels in motion and actually doing it. That was until my bank statement came through, now along with the various iTune purchases of 99p and the Clarins purchases. I also had purchases to my local vet as my lovely doggie Summer has had two ops in the past two years and requires regular check ups and post op treatments. So these are going to take precedent over everything else.

Also as I am looking for work (and hoping to start my own business) I'm not really in the position to be spending money on things that I don't really need. I have more than enough make up to last me at least a year maybe two. So from now until 11th July (might extend) I plan on only buying what I need to buy, like my mums birthday present, Father's Day present and post op treatment for my dog oh and my rent as well. So that means no clothes, make up, hair products, accessories or useless food and magazines. There will be exceptions as I plan on having my hair cut soon and maybe go for the ombré look or maybe have highlights,

So anything in the above list that appears on my blog will be from before the spending ban started. I hope (fingers crossed) this means the blog will improve as I will have enough products bought before the ban to review. Rather than going oh I want that must review it and never actually getting round to reviewing it as I've been out and purchased another new product. 

Have you done a spending ban? How did you find it?


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