2015 - I'm Back

Hello my lovelies, I apologise for not being on the last few months, well half a year really. My life has been a bit hectic. I started my new job in September and I'm really loving it. I applied for teacher training although I applied for secondary teaching in English rather than primary. I had a lot of co-workers, mainly English teachers, help me with advice and their experience as a teacher. However, unfortunately I didn't get a place on the course. No need to worry though I was up against some tough competition, the other candidates had two years experience in a school, whereas I only had two months. Next year I am going to reapply, but this time it will be for primary. As a result of me applying I've had to resit my GCSE maths exams as I only have a D grade, and you need at least a C to do teacher training. 

So my second term as a teaching assistant for children with special needs is going great. My co workers are really lovely and sweet. The children are just amazing, they make me laugh and smile each day. I have to admit I do have some favourites, but I don't show it to them or the other children. 

I've just been thinking about the year to come and I'm hoping to renew my resolution from last year and lose some weight. Only need to lose a stone and tone up and I will feel better, but at the moment although I have an amazing job I feel like something is missing. Perhaps it's the lack of social life, but I choose to stay in of a Friday and spend time with my parents. Now I have a job I feel like all I do is come home, eat, walk the dogs, have a bath or shower, watch a little bit of tv and go to bed. I feel as though I hardly get to see them and so Friday nights I like to sit down with them properly once the dogs have been walked, yes I forgo the bath or shower, and I sit with them catch up on TV shows we've taped or watch a film or two.

I love my parents and so spending time with them is a big thing for me, it's something my ex boyfriend didn't understand. I would be at uni away from my family and when I went home for a weekend he would get, well jealous that I was spending time with them and not him. But I only had two days at home of a weekend before I went back to uni. So that was one of the many reasons I ended things.

This year I plan on being positive, hard thing to do when you've sat exams two weeks after xmas on a subject you haven't used in well twelve years. So I had to relearn Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry and algebra lol. To make matters worse I went for the higher paper so that it is easier for me to get the C, but I'm lacking positivity when it comes to exams and so I have a feeling I will be re-sitting this exam in June.

Oh well, got plenty of time to learn everything again, plus I'm in quite a few year nine maths lessons which is good. Onwards and upwards as the saying goes. 

Hope you've all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year.



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