Why Does Wearing Make Up Offend?

Hello my lovelies,

This post is just a mini explanation of why I wear make-up and a sort of why does it matter really. The reason behind this is because the one thing that really annoys me in the world we live in is the stigma around girls wearing makeup. Quite recently I've had a student I work with ask me why do I wear make up? And that I should turn up to school/work one day without make up on (no way am I doing that!)

I'm sure we've all had a comment made towards us at some point in our lives about wearing makeup but why should we have to put up with it? 

I started wearing makeup when I was in Secondary school. I think it was around first year. I didn't do the whole "look", just concealer, maybe a bit of foundation and a clear lip gloss. My friends had perfect skin and I always felt the odd one out. When I first started my period around that time before all my other friends which as a result my skin wasn't that bad I looked like everyone else, maybe the odd spot. That made me very self conscious, even to this day I tend to hide when I have a breakout. My skin was never how my friends skin was and I always wanted it to be clear. I had a few spots that made me very self- conscious and sometimes quite nervous to come into school. I then discovered makeup and that's when my love for beauty began. Ever since then, I've been obsessed. Makeup seemed the perfect way to hide a few imperfections and it made me feel a lot more confident in myself and personally, I don't see anything wrong with that.

I absolutely love applying my makeup in the morning - it's one of the reasons that actually gets me out of bed in the mornings! I love testing different products, experimenting with different looks and as a beauty blogger, that is rightly so. I don't know one beauty blogger that doesn't feel like that. I enjoy the whole process of getting 'glammed up'' I love nothing more than doing my hair and makeup and actually making myself look decent for the day ahead and I don't see why that's made out to be something to be looked down on. For me, it's the norm, unless I'm having a slobby day where I stay indoors in my jammies, hair tied up, no make up and just sat in front of the tv. 

I'm not going to lie, when people have asked why I wear makeup, it has taken me by surprise. I know they might not realise what my skin looks like underneath, but it's still a shock. If they were to see me make up free then maybe they would understand why I wear it. However, because of my lack of confidence to go make up free, they will never know. Also they just will never understand the concept of how I actually look forward to applying it, or how I have a crazy obsession with the stuff! To other people that might sound absolutely crazy, but that's one of the reasons why I love my blog. I get to share the same crazy passion with a bunch of lovelies like yourselves who are reading this right now. 

Wearing makeup does not define you as a person and we shouldn't be made to feel like it does. I love how makeup enhances your features and can make you see yourself in a completely different light. We all wear makeup for different reasons, but in no way are we hiding our face, it's just enhancing what you've already got. Makeup isn't just a way of 'covering your face' or 'putting your face on' - it's actually a way of expressing who you are and there's so much more to it than what people see. 

I love nothing more than going into Boots and coming out with some goodies, or a list of the things I want to buy. Makeup is just how I like to spend my money as each person has their own preferences. Some people might spend their money on alcohol, smoking or on fitness things, but mine is just makeup and clothes! Everyone in my family knows I'm beauty obsessed and I love that. It's just the fact when people who barely know me judge me on what's on my face rather than who I actually am which I find quite sad. So what if I cover imperfections, other people do and we shouldn't be judged on it.

People are so quick to judge these days that it's almost frightening. Who cares if we go out with a bright lip and a contour? Your face is your face and don't let anyone make you feel like you can't. Wearing make up is not a bad thing and it shouldn't be seen like it is. It doesn't make you insecure either. I don't think some people understand that some girls enjoy the process of applying make up and find it fun and love experimenting with it, because at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. It's awful that some people think there is only one characteristic to each person. She's pushing a pram, she's a mum; she's eating a salad, she's concerned about her weight. There's so much more to a person than people think.. which is why you shouldn't judge people.

The media frequently targets girls and older woman that to be beautiful you have to have work done and to cake on the makeup, but that is wrong. You don't have to have plastic surgery to be beautiful or to have a full face of makeup. More often than not, without plastic surgery and less makeup is equally as beautiful. There's also a stigma around girls have to wear makeup. That is also wrong. Whether you wear makeup is your choice, no one else can make that choice. Your face is your face and what you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. Just because you are a girl, that doesn't mean you have to go and plaster yourself in makeup. Some of my friends wear makeup and some of them don't - but that doesn't matter to me. I don't judge them on whether they wear makeup or not. I still love them the same so in no way does that define you. I've seen quite a few people asking ''should I wear makeup?'' ''do I need to wear makeup'' - just no. You wear makeup when you want to wear it. No one else can answer that but yourself.

Recently I've started wearing less makeup on weekends or days where I don't need it. I've even been having more no-makeup makeup days. Impressive or what?! It's only now I'm started to block out some of the ignorant comments and starting to do things for myself, rather than what people judge me on. If you are reading this and you've received some nasty comments which have put you off wearing makeup or a certain clothing or anything - ignore it. It's your face, your body, you are your own person and if someone tells you differently, they really aren't worth your time. People will love you for who you actually are whether you wear a full face of makeup or not. But what is important, is to not let people define you as a person and do things for YOU. At the end of the day, making yourself happy is worth more anything.

Have any of you had the same done? If so, how have you dealt with it? 

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