Tips for Getting a Goodnights Sleep

Hello my lovelies,

Lately I have been really struggling on the sleep front which means getting through the day without any drama can be quite tricky. If I am tired I get stressed out and emotional, and I end up taking things personally, things that if I was firing on all cylinders I would take in my stride. I am not the sort of person who survive on six hours kip a night, in fact ideally I could do with ten but realistically I will settle for eight! When I go through stages like this, of not be able to drop off easily I follow these tips and they always help me nod off more easily.

Switch off - I have a full time job which means I have to do most of my blogging in the evenings and sometimes I can be in on my laptop as late as 10pm finishing off a post for the next day, when this happens I find that my brain just can't switch off, especially as I spend all day at work in front of a computer. I have found by simply having a technology ban from 8pm onwards I sleep a lot better. I try and read a book instead of looking at any kind of screen. 

Buy an alarm clock - I have always used my phone as my alarm clock but I find that if it is next to my bed I get tempted to look at it and see if there is anything happening in the world of social media. Therefore I have a bought a separate alarm clock so I can keep my phone somewhere else in the house at night and not have that temptation to check my Twitter account! 

Have a cup of milk - or any other hot drink such as Camomile tea. I swear by a cup of Camomile tea and maybe a cheeky spoonful of sugar. I don't know what it is, but it almost instantly makes me feel a bit sleepy. You could try adding some honey to it, or maybe even a hot chocolate would also work. I think anything warm and soothing that doesn't have caffeine will do the trick!

Put some Lavender oil on your pillow - Lavender has long been considered a useful aid for getting some sleep and I have been a fan ever since I was a little girl and my mum would put a few tiny drops of oil on my pillow.

Create a bedtime routine - I would say this is the most important thing you can do to help you get to sleep quickly every night. An hour before bed create a routine and make sure you stick to every night so that your body knows it is time for bed. This includes making sure you go to bed at the same time each night. It sounds obvious but it is something I am often guilty of not following!

So there we have it! Just a few tips that I use to help you get to sleep more easily. What tips do you have? Let me now in the comments section below!


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