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 I haven't really written a post like this before, but it's something that is really affecting me at the moment and I'd love to speak to some fellow sufferers to talk triggers and fixes! 

I've suffered with migraines since I was about little and if you've never experienced a migraine before let me tell you it's hell. They were so bad that I used to cry in the bathroom so that my parents didn't hear, but they always managed to. Must have been the parental radar they have. I also couldn't stand light or sound, so I had to stay in my room (it had blackout curtains), but I also used eye masks and sometimes I wore ear plugs to block out sound. 

Everyones experiences are different, but the worse part is the aura that comes. This includes a throbbing in my neck, my vision then starts to blur and I can't focus on anything. I also feel sick and don't want to eat anything, which when you have a headache isn't a good idea. Along with the thumping head ache it really is the worst illness I've ever experienced. Unless I'm at home and I can go straight to bed, I start to panic as I know I will eventually burst into tears as it hurts too much.

Once I'd reached my teens my migraines seemed to subside as I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. It's weird over my teenage years and early twenties I never got the migraines only bad headaches, but recently the migraines have been coming back. Not so bad that they cause me to cry, but light and sound I still have trouble with also feeling sick. I tend to just say to my parents I have a really bad headache, sometimes I go to bed with a headache and I wake up with one as well. I don't know what causes them, but I've been having trouble sleeping and have had some stress due to my new job so this is the only thing I can think of. 

I haven't really found anything that helps. I picked up some Paracetamol migraine tablets, but I only used these the following day in case another started. I also like the cooling pads you stick to your forehead and I find these do help. I plan on buying a stick that does the same thing and have heard they are brilliant. I think the real test will come when I feel one coming on next time to see if these two options stop the migraine. 

If you've never experienced a migraine, you'll think I'm a being a little melodramatic when I say these attacks really are affecting my life at the moment. I am miserable and I have to really force myself to go into work if I've woken up with one, if I get one during the day I have to make do as I don't want to go home as I will feel like I'm letting them down. As I said if you haven't suffered with a migraine you won't know how horrendous they are! If you have suffered with migraines PLEASE let me know if you've found a cure that works for you! 


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