Tips For Staying Focused!

Hello my lovelies,

The tips and tricks type posts are often a hit or miss in the blogging community. I know for some people they say that there are no real tips as everyone has different ways of doing things and blogging is just a bit of fun, and I do agree with that but personally I do like reading these types of posts as you do end up learning something new and it's nice to see what works for other people. I'm always looking for ways to improve my blog and to try out new things. I try to make my tips posts unique from everyone else's and include ones that you might not have necessarily read before because I know they are pretty self explanatory.

Listen to music
I'd say the majority of my posts have been typed to Taylor Swift or even New Kids on the Block ( for you younger generation they were the 1D of the late 80s and early 90s). I've always been one of them people who can't sit in complete silence revising, typing, or even when I'm sitting on the sofa on the laptop I'll still have the TV on catching up with the latest episode of Blue Bloods, Crisis, The Blacklist, Supernatural or any other shows I'm watching, but have missed. Surely I can't be the only one? I just find it helps the flow of the post which might sound absolutely crazy, but I find it works really well. Whenever you can't focus on a post or find it hard to think of words to say (bloggers, we all know this problem), pop on a bit of music and allow the post to flow ;)

Use Bloglovin for Inspiration
We all have them days where we can't focus on our blog or have no motivation or inspiration what's so ever. Why not have a look on the top posts on Bloglovin to see what sort of posts people are loving at the minute? You might even find some inspiration and come up with a post idea. It's also nice to see what's up and coming at the minute and what type of posts people are interested in.

Download Blogger App
I highly recommend downloading the Blogger app so whenever you are out and about and you get a sudden post idea, you can save the post or even start writing it up! I've typed up so many posts whilst I'm on the go and when I'm home I go back through it and type it out properly.

Save Title Of Posts On The Go
When I tweeted that I had something like 54 posts saved to my drafts - it's purely because of this one! Whenever I get a post idea, I always save the post title even if I don't have time to type the post, I know the idea is always there so I don't forget it.

Keep a to-do list | Use the Note section on your phone
Keeping a to-do list is one of the reasons how I actually get things done. The main thing is though - you need to be realistic and set reasonable tasks. Prioritise it and set realistic goals which then you are more likely going to achieve them. Allow yourself to have breaks in-between tasks too.

Avoid Distractions
Twitter and Instagram are my biggest distractions whilst blogging. Try putting your phone in a drawer or put the screen facing the table so nothing pops up and distracts you. Twitter is the ultimate deathly one - I even had to delete the app once because I became too obsessed which is very naughty!

I hope you managed to pick up a few tips to try - let me know if any of these work for you!


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