Hello April!

Hello my lovelies,

Well another month has passed and another one just beginning. I was hoping to have lost some weight by now, but I feel as though I've put it on and I'm even walking most of the day so surely I should have lost some, but hey ho these things happen.

So April, a lot is in store for me this month, in three weeks I will be celebrating my 28th birthday, I don't feel 28, don't look it and at times I certainly don't act it. I'm also going to being revising a lot for a maths exam. I'm redoing my GCSE maths as I got a D, but I want to do teaching and I need at least a C, so it's back to being a "student" for a bit. I am working at a school as a TA so that helps as I get put in a lot of maths lessons.

Also you have Easter in a few days, I'm not going to have loads of chocolate that would be silly as I'm trying to diet. But you are allowed a cheat day every so often and that will be my cheat day. I'm also going to be spring cleaning a lot. Need to sort out my wardrobes and get rid of clothes. Some of them I've had since I was in 6th form and uni. So me thinks it's time to chuck them (yes I did say me instead of I, it's just how I am sometimes.) 

Also I'm going to try for the first time to make a YouTube video, I've been putting it off for time as I am scared, but you have to take the plunge every now and then and do things that frighten you.

I can't think of anything else, but I know there is more stuff I will be doing. Oh yeah I'm hoping to update the blog as well, so keep an eye out for that.

What are your plans for this month?

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  1. Eurgh i know how you feel about the diet! I'm turning 27 in June same as you i don't feel it or look it (Least i don't think i do haha) I'v just started eating healthier, its probably wrong time now with Easter weekend coming up but i'm determined to stick to it with Summer coming up. Thanks for the follow btw i love little chatty blog posts so nice to come along your blog x

    Laura Kate | Beau La Belle


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