Seventeen Phwaorr Paint Concealer

Hello my lovelies,

Just like every girl, concealer holds a big place in my makeup bag. It gets me through my bad breakout days and when I'm having a lazy makeup day I'll simply pop a bit of concealer on and I'm ready for the day.

A few bloggers suggested Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint to me after I was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative to my favourite concealer, Benefit's Boi-ing!

At just £5.49 it's an absolute bargain and a fraction of the price of Boi-ing! so I just had to try it; no harm on my bank balance if it didn't meet my expectations.

The packaging itself is definitely a lot better than Boi-img, as it is more sturdy and compact friendly with an attached lid and even a mirror inside, perfect for touch-ups on the go!

Unfortunately, it's only available in two shades, Light and Medium. So those with Dark shine I'm afraid will have to go for a different product. I'm pale which meant I went for the light shade.

Phwoarr Paint in fair has a slight orangey tone which is great for neutralising the blue tones in dark circles. The 'fair' shade could be a little lighter, as I found it didn't really blend that well with the foundation I was wearing. So I ended up with orange patches. 

The texture of Phwoarr Paint is thick and creamy, it really does remind me of Boi-ing! Applying with a warm finger in a dabbing motion and blending it covers very well indeed. My undereye dark circles, which I have as I don't sleep that well, get covered really well. As do any blemishes that I may have (which is nearly everyday). 

 The lasting power of this concealer is very good, I can last a whole shift at work, around 8 hours, without needing to touch up. That's in both the heat of central heating of the house and school as well as in the cold weather. So that's another point given to it.

My only concern with Phwoarr Paint is that it can bring out the dryness in skin, making some areas of my undereye/cheek look a little dry, nothing a little hydrating eye cream and primer can't fix though!

Overall I think Seventeen Phwoarr Paint is an incredible budget undereye concealer for hiding unwanted dark circles. If you don't want to stretch to Benefit's price tag then this is for you!

Have you tried Seventeen Phwoarr Paint? What did you think of it? What's your favourite under-eye concealer?


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