Lush Comforter Bubble Bar

Hello lovelies,

I'm all for delicious smells, but the scent of The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush knocked me off my damn feet. I was browsing in a Lush store for some bath bombs, but I also picked up this. It's one of those things that was lurking around in the back of my mind and silently screaming 'yeah, I've heard this is good'. 

For £4.50 you get a quite a massive bar of blackcurrant smelling goodness - I've so far used it twice and I've not made a dent in the thing! To use this I break off a bit and crumble it under the tap and watch as it creates lots of bubbles and a pinky tint in the water. The bonus really is the smell though, I'm actually rather addicted to just sitting and sniffing it. 

It's got a lovely blackcurrant scent, but it also smells almost 'fizzy', and there's also a whiff or two of something more herbal - basically an all round nostril pleaser. It's the perfect bathtime pick me up for all the miserable rainy, gross, days we've been having lately. It's also far more economical than a Lush bath bomb, you'll get a fair few used out of this little beauty.

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