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Hello my lovelies, 

Now I have funny hair - the middle and towards the ends get dry, but the rest doesn't. I wash my hair every other day - so for example, I'll wash it, miss a day, wash it, miss a day, wash it etc and on the days I don't wash my hair, it's okay but you can tell it's not freshly washed and by the end of the day it's starting to look greasy. So I thought (with the help of some lovely fellow Bloggers) that I would venture into Lush and see if they had anything I could try. I found Rehab shampoo. At first I thought 'what!' But I picked it up read the label and thought I'll give it a go, what harm can it do.

As soon as I tried Rehab I could tell my hair had improved - it smelt gorgeous straight away. When you first open the bottle and pour some in your hands and start to massage it into your scalp it kind of smells like After Eights! Which I loved, but also expected as Rehab does contain Peppermint. This combined with Juniper are said to stimulate the blood flow which helps the scalps condition over time. 
Sea salt and seaweed also helps your hair feel lovely and soft and full of shine! This shampoo also contains fresh papaya, pineapple, kiwi and mango and those juices are then mixed with strengthening, organic extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oils. So it definitely is full of lovely fresh and natural ingredients to help get your hair back health! 

Can I just say, the label made me giggle? It confused me the first few times I read it but the third time it finally clicked - well done Lush, you clever little things you! 

And I can safely say it worked! I adored the smell straight away and it didn't clash when I used my conditioner either which is always a bonus, when I dried my hair it was SO shiny and soft, I fell in love with this shampoo straight away. The real test of this shampoo would be on the day I didn't wash my hair - and I can safely say, I definitely saw and felt an improvement. The next day, my hair still felt lovely and fresh and it had kept it's shine by the end of the day and still felt lovely and soft! It definitely did what I was told it would and keep the excess oils at bay! 

I thought I would need to buy more of this soon I have long hair that's relatively thick so I use more than normal Shampoo and Conditioner. However, it's been quite a few months (I have used other Shampoo in between, mainly T gel as I had a really bad bout of dreaded dandruff looked like I had poured salt on my head at one point- think I use my hairdryer on a too hot setting).  Anywho, I have only used half a bottle of Rehab! But I already know I definitely will be repurchasing this as soon as I run out! 

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