6 easy steps to setting and achieving life goals

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Most of the promises we make to ourselves at the beginning of the year go unfulfilled, it’s one of the main reasons that New Years resolutions are often done jokingly with every intention to break them. The best way to stick to everything you have planned for the year is to compartmentalise it into one main goal, and keep that goal in mind throughout the year. You can think about this whenever you want, there are no strict rules to organising your life. So if you’re stumped on where to start, this guide to choosing your goal for the year and sticking to it will help you out.

#1 Start with a list
Make a list of the things that you felt went well for you last year, and things that didn’t go so well. This will help you to identify areas that you need to ‘work on’, whether it’s planning your finances better, choosing your romantic partners better or having more fun, be honest and list it all.
#2 Prioritise
Think about your life as it is now, be realistic, if you’re working full-time you probably don’t have time to go on a trip around the world, so choose a goal that you know you can stick to. Your goal doesn’t have to be specific either, in fact the broader the better, some people simply choose a guiding word like ‘laughter’ and use that to help remind them of what they need more of in their lives.
#3 Pick your goal
Your goal is personal to you, so choose something that you will be happy completing. Don’t be too hard on yourself or choose a goal that has negative elements, choose something broad like ‘Say yes not no,’ if you want to use your dream job as an end goal, only use it as a guide. Be practical and know you might not land your dream job by the end of the year but you want the choices you’ve made to get you one step closer!
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#4 Keep it up
Whenever you have a new opportunity or get invited somewhere, visualise your goal, does this opportunity work towards it or against it? If you want to socialise more, accepting more after hours work will go against your goal, but if your goal revolves around your career then why not? Every so often think about all the things you’ve done while keeping your main goal in mind.
#5 Hitting the wall
If you’ve chosen a hard to attain goal like fitness or diet, it’s inevitable that you’ll hit the wall. A place in time where you just can’t keep it up anymore or you want to choose a new goal entirely. If that happens it’s worth returning to step 1 and deciding whether your goal was the best for you. Don’t measure your goal harshly, just be aware of how mindful you were when making choices and how much you considered your goals throughout the year, that’s a success in our eyes!
#6 Completing your goal
When the year is over, look back and see if you worked towards your main goal and how it influenced the year for you. If you feel like you lived the year according to your philosophy or goal, then you’ve completed it, you can use the same goal for another year if you feel it’ll lead to a happier, healthier year or create a completely new one!


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